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Alice Crenshaw
Academy Grounds

Okay, the battle had started, and Roxas' first command was to use Aura Sphere on Jello, but to do it slow so that Alice could think about what to do. And, as the Lucario prepared the attack, Alice thought about what move she could tell Jello to use.

Well, the red-haired girl knew that Lucario was a Steel type. And she knew that the only moves that could so great damage against them were Ground, Fighting and Fire, and that Jello knew no moves of that typing. But another thing she knew was that Lucario was also Fighting-type, and, with Jello being a Psychic-type Pokémon, it could give her a little bit of an advantage. She closed her eyes to try to remember what Jello's moves were and, once she was done, opened them.

"Jello, um, use, um, Psywave!" she said.

Jello trembled a bit, nervous about the situation, but managed to fire a wave of psychic energy at Obilivio.
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