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    Originally Posted by minchan
    But there were 12 TBTP arc chapters which were between 315 and 316 so there are already over 500 chapters..... XD

    Hmm, I didn't know that those were not counted in the number of the manga chapters.

    Manga 497
    Did anyone else think that the fanart, on Mangastream, of Ichigo, Uryu, and a hooded Grimmjow was an official color spread, for a second or two? xD

    Kubo! Wry?! Wry did you butcher Rangiku's lovely golden locks?! D:

    At least Hitsugaya seems to be keeping his cool somewhat and thinking straight enough to give Rangiku a smart order. :/

    Thank you Mayuri (and Shinji too), for giving the exact correct reaction to what those four just did....

    Wait, what did Unohana just say?
    I sense some foreshadowing there.

    Hmm, Kyoraku did make a good point there, though.
    Oh wow, Kyoraku's fighting against another gunm....OH DAYUM!
    Kubo is being ruthless in this arc.
    I guess he got tired of all the fans' complaints.
    I wonder if Unohana can heal Kyoraku's eye....

    Renji, you're a freakin' idiot. *facepalm*

    Akon's a pretty smart guy, he knows that they need Ichigo to come rescue them. :/