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Originally Posted by Sector Revenge View Post
I'm surprised you didn't say Clair :( I mean, both Lance and Clair has a history, and Clair has a Kingdra as devastating Pokemon. You don't think she's Elite Four material?
To be honest, after I finished my post, Clair did come to mind. I mean, including those two, who are decently strong gym leaders, and then not including Clair may seem a bit weird, I know. Though I mainly thought that Clair was like supposed to be strong, supposed to be the final test before facing the ultimate challenge, so while she may very well be E4 material, I just think she's already close enough to E4 level to count, if you know what I mean.
Looking at this logically though, yes, she is most certainly fit to be an Elite 4 member.

As for her Kingdra; I don't remember much of the battle, actually. I do recall her Kingdra being an ultimate pain in the everloving behind, however I don't remember much in detail. I think I usually had the most trouble with her Dragonair's actually, though that was just me being a noob, and not raising my team properly.
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