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    I guess I'll put my say in this.

    I've played Runescape since the summer of 2007. That's pretty much 5 years exactly. And since then, Runescape has gotten worse and worse. You Newbies wouldn't agree with me, because you have no idea how amazing the old runescape was. I'm not even kidding, it was 10 times better.

    As each year past, Jagex became more greedy and greedy. They don't care about their players, they only want money. I remember when it only cost 4.95 for a monthly subscription. Now it's like 7-8$.

    Now, I really enjoyed the game about until 2010-2011. That's when it REALLY started going downhill. I had about 600 Mil, a Santa hat, 99 Agility, Theiving, Fishing, Woodcutting, Hunting, Firemaking, and Strength. Almost EVERY update was stupid, and pointless. The only real reason for me to play was quests.

    All you newbies are probably thinking "WHAT IS HE SAYING? THIS IS THE BEST GAME [email protected]#[email protected][email protected]#%[email protected]#%@#" That's because you've only played Runescape for a short while. I played before the Grand Exchange existed, and everyone used to trade at banks, and shops. I played back when Santa hats were 2 mil, and Party hats were 100-200 mil.

    Runescape died the day they took out the Real Wildy. They "Brought it back" But it's not even close to what it used to be. Also, they screw over the non members. You can tell they only think about money, by the fact that they don't release anything for them. I was a member for 5 years, and they made a lot of money off of me. But they only deserved half of it. I should've canceled my membership the second I realized Runescape was going downhill.

    But that's all for my rant. I'm guessing all the Noobs are about to go off on me and tell everyone how it's the best MMO of all time and such. It used to be, not it's not.
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