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    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    no point putting any more revives since ur pkmn disappears after it fainted.
    Actually, it doesn't. When your pokemon faints, there would still be time to revive it but that's only till the battle ends. When the code for "returning the gameplay" is called, dead (or fainted) pokemon are taken away.

    Originally Posted by manutdrule View Post
    (is that some special script that permanently removes the pokemon or are they just moved somewhere else?)
    No, it's all ASM. Similar type of codes to the assembly codes that are for example called when you catch a pokemon and it's added to your party or switching pokemon from a party slot to another are used to do that.

    Originally Posted by Ash493 View Post
    Wow, awesome!
    I had no idea that it could actually be implemented o.O
    If you release it, it'll surely be very popular.
    It'll be no time at all before I get it released!
    There are some bugs in it though (I don't think I'll encounter more than these):

    -Pokemon dying from poison when the player is walking (nothing major, odd text is shown though)
    -Eggs can't be hatched because they've 0 HP and will instantly disappear from your party :\
    -Oddities related to pokemon dying (rival battles, elite four, some people talking in a strange way)
    -HM users can die (which can lead you getting stuck)
    That's all though so nothing major but I couldn't find another way for implementing what I had to to so that's why those things happen.
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