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Danielle Accola - Forest

Mark and Lucia got closer and approached to Danielle. They both introduced themselves to each other, as well as the Pokemon introduced themselves, all but Roberto who was standing there.

“Thanks, guys.” Danielle said. “I found Mienfoo battling the Yanma while I was looking for him. He's still very mad about the battle, and he's even more mad about me catching the Yanma. Maybe some time in the Pokeball may calm him down a bit.” She sighed, and took out the two Pokeballs, one had Ozzy inside, and the other has the Yanma.

She turned to Lucia and smiled. “Lucia, Mark's my childhood friend from like.....waaaaay back in the day. We've been friends forever. We got separated a couple of years ago, and destiny sorta found us again.” She chuckled as she started to walk, making a way towards the light, the forest's exit.

"Um... I'm pretty sure its just coincidence. Great catch though! I never got to thank you for the battle earlier either..." Mark said with a grin.

“Oh, no problem. I do want to apologize about Mienfoo though.” Danielle replied, and sighed. “I need to train Mienfoo to get along with other Pokemon. Though I'm glad you were okay with the battle. You were awesome out there.” She then turned to Lucia remembering the battle. “Also, Lucia, what happened to your battle?”

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