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    Originally Posted by Pokestick, good times
    More manga talk;
    Definitely thought it was a colour spread first, I had to look at it for almost a minute to find the little differences in style
    Having fanart when you're trying to read a chapter does sort of bother me though.

    I was absolutely convinced Kyoraku was gonna die right there, cursing Kubo for hiding his bankai like all the other ones.
    Aaaaand he survived. Which is cool. That gun must really have sucked if it hit him in the eye and didn't kill him.
    Yeah, fanart gets annoying when they throw in about as many pages as there are actual manga pages.
    Well, I'm just chocking it up to 'Soul Reapers are harder to kill than humans'.
    Which is more true the strong the Soul Reaper is.

    Apparently, there are different translations for what Unohana said in the latest chapter.
    In particular, Mangahere has a different translation than Mangastream.
    And I'm guess that Mangahere's translation is the correct of the two.