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    Jack Jacobs
    Outside Pokemon Center

    "Obviously we are getting no where George my boy" Jack said as he hoped up from the bench and began walking towards the forest area "Follow me" Blade had already began walking along side his what seemed to be senile trainer as the strolled towards the forest that Danielle and Lucia had ran off to after Danielle's battle had ended.

    Jack had already started walking at a quick pace not even looking back to see if George was following yet still shouting out "Hurry up George!" George could have just been right beside him and he wouldn't have known that. "Last time I was in this forest with a group of people we were attacked " Jack remembered the ordeal well and was going to live it over again.


    Jack was walking for long before spotting the three teens; Lucia, Danielle and the boy who somewhat looked familiar to him but he couldn't really remember where or who he was. "Pssst" Jack leaned against a tree and signaled to the girls from a distance just wanting to alert them of his presence. Blade also stood by him hoping and almost praying Tyro was content with bothering the sableye and not come to him.
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