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    Cail Frost---location---Beach
    Cail was awoken by the splashing and chatter of children. "Duskull," he said, "Were here, Phoebe said this is where I must go to stay. She must be awaiting a trainer to challenge the Elite Four." Cail and Duskull stepped out of their boat onto the sand. "Whoah, i've lost balance from that boat" he chuckled. "Dusssk..." Duskull droned happily. "Lets find the Suicune dorms," he pulled out a map, "!" he said with some exitement, "lets go."
    Cail and Duskull got to their room and Cail got to bathe in a fancy shower. Duskull, on the other hand, got to stare at the moon and eat poffins for awhile. "Duskull," Cail laughed,"No snacks after dinner...well acually, it is dinner!" Duskull whined at Cail. " Tomorrow we'll go to..." he checked the map in the shower, but with his hand out of the water,"Oh, White Lugia dorm, sounds spooky" Cail suggested. "Duss-kull!" Duskull
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