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    Lucia Francisco Bernavard

    Lucia smiled weakly at Danielle, "Oh, I lost. But it was a good match. His name was George, a real nice boy. I was hoping you could meet him as well, he seemed respectful and even has an advanced technique. He is quite a wonder." she said as she looked at Roberto. "Roberto, ease up." She said. The Scizor just tensed up even more as he continued to stare at the Sableye. She rolled her eyes, "Sometimes he just gets so tense." She said with a weak shrug. So, Mark and Danielle were friends, well that was interesting. Lucia idly wondered if she would meet someone from Saffron City here then.

    Tyro had been yammering on nonstop to the Sableye when he heard Jack's voice and he turned and saw Blade. "Hey Bro! I got another little dude! He's an awesome little dude and we were talking about how we could be dudes and I was telling him all the cool things dudes do and how we're all dudes cause we're dudes and we can all be bros because we're all dudes and dudes are bros...." he reached to grab hold of Snype's hand and intended to drag the ghost with him toward Blade as he continued to chatter about the same things over and over again. It seemed that the Combusken had a beak of steel as he showed not one sign of stopping his talking.

    Diana stopped her struggles and sighed, "Now I'll never get my rematch..." She muttered. Samuel stood next to Lucia and looked up at the Aron, "Trust me, you will once you gain strength. You will eventually get to my level and may even surpass Roberto. Once you do, then you can call for a rematch. Let your strength flourish and you will be feared." Diana blinked, "R-Really?" Samuel smirked, "Of course. But it can only happen if you train." The Aron eagerly nodded.

    Lucia heard Jack's whispered voice and looked over and waved at him. "Hey Jack! Come on over!" She said happily.
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