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    Ruby Sapphire Fiona Destiny - Beach

    'Ruby's family is rich, and appearently Ruby has two twin sisters and a big brother, so they are with four childeren at home.' Hikari said, peddling around. 'Plus her brother and sisters are also trainers, so they have alot pokemon, plus their dad's pokemon.' Hikari explained.

    'Their dad's pokemon... They are incredible...' Hikari widened her eyes as she remembered all his pokemon, they were all so strong... And big... Hikari shaked her head and glanced back at Alexis. 'When you are at our home i will introduce you to all of them!' Hikari started getting excited.

    Daniel putted his arm around Ruby's back, this gave Ruby a warm feeling inside. She closed her eyes for a few moments to enjoy the moment a little more.

    Daniel glanced back at her and told her it was getting late and that he had to get back. 'O-ofcourse it's alright! i have to go back too...' Ruby smiled at him. Daniel said something about sending her a message tonight, it immediately got her a little excited. 'Y-yeah! Then i can save your number in my pokegear.' Ruby glanced at him with her big blue eyes and a happy smile. 'I might send a message back~' she giggled looking at the two pokemon splashing around, then she glanced at the sun.

    Daniel was right, it was getting late, she should get herself some dinner and then make food for her pokemon, maybe she should call her sisters Olivia and Cecilia too, and Terra maybe too? If he was home anyway.
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