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Hey, sorry for the short review, but at least I got it done before you left!

Ah Ringo... you can even make a mundane practice battle fun

A part of him didn’t understand why the Stunky didn’t just cut and run for the hills; clearly, captivity had never been to its liking
Stockholm Syndrome? Maybe it affects Pokemon as well as humans? Heck, maybe it's the reason Pokemon stick around with trainers in the first place

is fingers. The pokémon turned out of reflex, his large eyes blinking. This elicited a smile from Michael. Right then, he had remembered the words of his mother: “Pokémon training teaches you responsibility!” But the more he thought about it, the more it seemed like he had done more teaching to them.

Holy cow, Pokeball technology is advanced... perhaps an early version of the Space Program helped contribute to this development, because it does have its basis in astronomy, after all.

How cute, Ted's got a crush

Oh man, these Bertha/Lona discussions are turning into shouting matches... and I don't think either side is going to budge. But something tells me that Lona has more knowledge of the League's inner workings than she's revealing...

“Money is dangerous in the League’s hands!”
Of course, my story shows that this statement is painfully true, but here, I just have to wonder what's going on that has Lona so concerned. Maybe she's looking into some shady business of her own...

I am starting to feel that things are dragging a bit because we're still stuck in Solaceon, but all of a sudden some of Lona's statements have been real eye-openers. Perhaps the crew should stay in town just a bit longer, just to see what's going on with Lona and her distrust of the League...

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