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    I have compiled all the gym leaders and their teams in one post.

    Cheren- Patrat Lvl. 11, Lillipup Lvl.13
    Homika- Koffing Lvl. 16, Whirlipede Lvl. 18
    Burgh- Swadloon Lvl. 22, Dwebble Lvl. 22, Leavanny Lvl. 24
    Elesa- Emolga Lvl. 28, Flaaffy Lvl. 28, Zebstrika Lvl. 30
    Clay- Krokorok Lvl. 31, Sandslash Lvl. 31, Excadrill Lvl. 33
    Skyla- Swoobat Lvl. 37, Skarmory Lvl. 37, Swanna Lvl. 39
    Drayden- Druddigon Lvl. 46, Flygon Lvl. 46, Haxorus Lvl. 48
    Shizui- Carracosta Lvl. 49, Wailord Lvl. 49, Jellicent Lvl. 51

    My Comments: Towards the end of the game, them levels skyrocket.
    Also, Drayden no longer has an underleveled Haxorus! And to top it off, I love how Skyla's team got a slight buff, switching Unfezant for Skarmory.
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