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Daniel Sabrak
The Beach

Alexis’ eyes went wide. So many Pokémon and people in one house? It HAD to be huge, then. She couldn’t even fathom having so many people and Pokémon running around at the same time without there being a huge mess and noise, but neither Ruby or Hikari seemed like messy people, so…

She then snickered, nodding her head quickly. “Awh yeah, that’ll be great! I can’t wait to meet them all!” she exclaimed, smiling brightly.

Daniel grinned brightly at seeing her excited and happy smile light up her face, her blue eyes almost sparkling. “Heh, I’ll be looking forward to that, then!” He gave her another squeeze and leaned in, pecking her lips quickly again before slowly standing and stretching out, yawning softly. It was getting a tad late, and he almost hadn’t eaten today.

As he thought this, his stomach growled, making him wince. He grinned a little sheepishly down at Ruby before waving at the Pokémon in the water. “Alexis! Come on, we’re heading back to the academy!”

Alexis’ ears twitched a little, glancing over at Daniel as he called out, and then back to Hikari, smiling. “Alright, we’ve got to head back, but I’ll probably see you around soon! I’ll keep Daniel in line for Ruby.” She grinned softly and nudged her new friend lightly before paddling to the shore and running up next to Daniel.

“Alright, well… I’ll talk to you later, Ruby. It was great meeting you, heh.” He smiled warmly, rubbing the back of his neck for a little while. He then waved at both her and Hikari and turned, trotting back the way they came, turning around on top of the hill and waving at them again, smiling widely.

“See you later you two!” Alexis lifted a paw to wave as well. “Chu-uuuu~” They both then turned around and began dashing back towards the academy, hoping that there were still food left in the cafeteria.
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