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Hax is like bad officiating in a basketball game. It's bound to happen at least a little bit (and maybe even a lot), it's part of the game, it is something of an imperfection for a competitive skill-based venture, and it can also be canceled out or made irrelevant simply by outplaying your opponent. Well, unless it's Game 2 of the 2002 Western Conference Finals ._.

I agree with Karpman a lot, one example I have is when I was playing someone and I was using SpecsMence. I assumed Heatran or Tyranitar was coming in and used Hydro Pump and the incoming Tyranitar (defensively EVed) got hit with a crit and was KOed. Now, without the crit it could have switched out and mabye healed itself later, but my stance on it was "maybe you should have switched in your *insert poke that takes HPump." So yeah, he got haxed, but "next time predict better" was my response. In other words, some hax is preventable. Don't complain if you didn't play well enough to prevent it.

I only rely on hax when I absolutely have to. I find strategies that do to be unreliable at best and arguably against the "spirit" of the game (though I don't really buy that, tbh). It's much more fulfilling to just outplay someone anyway.

Hax does kind of suck though, but whatever, you win some and you lose some.
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