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That's what I meant.

Still, he already starts with new Pokemon in every region... it's extremely unnecessary to roll back his character development like they do.

I also don't like how they treat all the characters they introduce like their disposable. I miss May and Max, Misty and Brock. This show has one serious lack of fanservice. Seriously, if I didn't like the battling I probably wouldn't watch this show. It usually has a pretty awesome storyline, but they don't do anything to please long-term fans of the series, and they just love resetting everything after every Generation.

At least we sometimes get some fanservice when the Poke'mon League gets closer... such as Misty coming back when the Hoenn League was underway.

Also, I honestly wish the Pokemon League worked in the games like it does in the show. It would be a whole lot more interesting to make it a Tournament then just fighting the Elite 4. It would also be a great change of pace.

Although, honestly, it seems like the Elite 4 have an extremely reduced presence in the show. Not to mention there is no explanation for why they are there in the first place, since the trainer doesn't have to actually fight them to become the League Champion. It would be cooler if anyone who won the tournament got to fight the Elite 4 as a chance to prove themselves the champion,
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