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Hello Beginner's Showcase! I am here to talk about my recent idea for a new fanmade Pokemon game. I am very new to the Game Development scene, so this is a learning process for myself. If you would like to join, please post saying that you would like to and your skil (mapping, scripting, spriting, music-ing, etc.).

A few years before this game takes place, a gigantic war did. A war between two deities of the Earth. They are Groudon and Kyogre. In the region of Hoenn, Team Magma and Team Aqua each thought that the land or the ocean were better than the other (respectively), and were determined to wipe them out. One of the leaders of Team Magma is Courtney. Though no one won this war, Courtney was still determined to rid the world of its water. She then traveled to a new region, full of water, called Summus. She started a a protest against water, and was laughed out. Two years later, she gathered other people with interests like hers and became to plan. This plan was known as Team Scelus. Scelus is Latin for evil. Team Scelus' goal was to poison the water of Summus and then prevent it from being purified. They gathered all of the Gems of Summus, these Gems being able to purify water and took over the gyms. Courtney chose six of her admins to guard the Gems in the gyms and took off. Courtney then found out about Jirachi, the wish-granting Pokemon and Steel-typed deity. She also heard that it was about to wake on the top of Mt. Semper from its 1000 year slumber. There was no way that a Pokemon was going to stop her nefarious deeds! She set up troops at the top of Mt. Semper to wait for Jirachi, and headed to her gym.

You begin your journey at the age of 12, in a region known as "Summus". Summus is the "Supreme" region. It has everything. From mountains to deep sea trenches. From meadows to ancient historic castles, Summus has it all.
Now, as I was saying, you begin your journey in Janua Town. You come down the stairs to see your father and mother chatting with the Region's professor, Professor Poplar. Prof. Poplar then tells your parents and yourself about how Team Scelus has poisoned most of the water sources, trying to summon Jirachi, the steel-typed, wish-granting Pokemon to awaken and capture to prevent them from taking over the world (toxic water can be purified by strong amounts of steel and pure Pokemon). Then, Prof. Poplar spots you and hands you the choice of three Pokemon. The Ice starter, Smoochum; the Steel starter, Bronzor; and the Ground starter, Baltoy. If you noticed, they are all Psychic types, too.
After you choose your companion, Poplar instructs you to defeat Team Scelus for him. He also hands you your very own Pokedex to record your encounters with Pokemon for him. He also tells you about the eight gems and their respective owners. The gems work almost exactly like badges, except they are owned by Team Scelus' higher ranks. Every gem also has the power to purify its respective lake, which has the same name of it. There are nine of these lakes.
Then, you meet your rival. Your rival is Professor Elm's son. He is more of a partner to you, yet still a rival. He then challenges you with his level 5 Larvitar and Zubat. Once you defeat him, he will frequently challenge you right before or after you get a gem.
The player then embarks on his or her journey, fighting off Scelus members and receiving the gems. But, after the player receives his or her eighth gem, an earthquake blasts through Summus. Team Scelus has awakened Jirachi!
Hurried, you rush up to Mt. Semper, where the earthquake originated from. You then see your rival. He challenges you to a battle, which you easily win and he heals your Pokemon. You then meet Courtney, the leader of Team Scelus.
Courtney challenges you to a battle with her four Pokemon, Toxicroak, Muk, Camerupt, and Garbodor. Once you defeat her, Jirachi awakens. It is at level 60. It is so far the hardest battle of the game and you must catch it to move on, otherwise you teleport back to the bottom of Mt. Semper and must capture it. When you do, it will immediately fall asleep and heal itself. An Awakening will NOT wake Jirachi up. For Jirachi to wake up, it must be in your party after the Elite Four final battle. It will help you with the Champion.
After the events on Mt. Semper, you must travel to the castle where the Pokemon League Finals are held to challenge the Elite Four. The types of the Elite Four are Dark, Normal, Psychic, and Bug. After you beat the Elite Four, comes the Champion, Courtney.
Your Jirachi is awakened and is ready to fight Courtney. Her team was the same as last time with the addition of Scolipede and Gengar. Once you defeat her, she tells you all about herself, and Team Scelus. She then crowns you Champion of Summus and Team Scelus is scattered across Summus. You have won! She then offers you Garbodor, which is only available by her giving it to you. You accept, and the credits roll.
Then, we have the post-game. The Elite Four is now the actual Elite Four, instead of Scelus Admins, and the Champion is still Courtney. You also have access to a dream island, where a giant statue of Darkrai can be awakened if you have Jirachi in your party. Cynthia of Sinnoh will be available to battle in some of the towns across Summus and is very strong, with levels in the high 90s! Once you defeat Cynthia, you are the true champion of Summus.

The Gems in my game are much like badges. They offer various awards throughout the game (such as different Pokemon to fly on), and are mandatory to beat the game. They will allow access to the Pokemon League, yet they are also very helpful to the environment. Each of the Gems was created by a specific Pokemon to guard Summus' water. Whomever was in possession of them could control the water sources their Gems controlled. Once a Gem was restored to its respective lake, you would be allowed to Surf on it, because all of the toxins released into it would be gone.

In Depth Plot

-Learn about Team Scelus
-Pick Your Starter
-Start your adventure and meet Adriana/Johnathan.
-Battle your rival (Level 5 Pidgey and Riolu

Much like the Battle Tower of most previous games, you must climb up a tower, defeating trainers. However, The Battle Pillar is different. In these battles, all of the Pokemon are of their natural level and gain experience points when beaten. Under different circumstances (such as collecting Gems, beating members of the E4, etc.), you will be allowed to venture further up the Pillar.
On the top of The Battle Pillar, you will be awarded a fight with a Level 100 Shiny Rayquaza. It will NOT be catch-able, but will award each of your Pokemon with a special ribbon. Its moves will be something like:
Draco Meteor
Hyper Beam
Dark Pulse
Dark Void
It will be known as "Dark Rayquaza" contributing to its Dark type moves.

Janua Town
Your home town. It is very small with three houses: yours, Professor Poplar's, and your neighbors', whom your rival lives with.

Cordus City
The second area of your adventure. The first gem is obtainable here.

Lake Cordus
Lake Cordus is home to the first water type Pokemon available. It is also very toxic.

Trigemini Cities
Each of the Trigemini Cities are exactly alike, except are based on different themes. They each have the same name, map structure, and houses. One of them is based on fire, one of them grass, and one of them water. You can find gems there.

The Trigemini Lakes
Each of these lakes was poisoned by Team Scelus. Some of the Pokemon here have become Water and poison type!

Medio Town
Medio is the middle of your journey. It features a castle and ancient relics.

Ruins of Medio
In here, Noah likes to explore. He also tells you about some of the ancient lore of Jirachi.

Medioan Castle
An ancient castle filled with scary ghost and dark type Pokemon. This is also where the gem for Medio Town is.

Med Lake
A very old lake outside of Medio Town. No Pokemon are in the lake since the toxic state is too horrible for any life.

Septum City
A giant city with lots of shops, electricity, and party! Two gems are obtainable here, as well as a Zorua. Your first encounter with Courtney is here, also.

The Twin Septum Lakes
These two lakes are almost connected. They have rare species, such as electric/water types and more. They have both been poisoned by Team Scelus.

Septum Computer Shop
A suspicious computer shop run by Valo. It is actually the database of all Team Scelus' data. The Player will need to hack into the database and retrieve data for Professor Poplar.

The Day Care Center
The Day Care Center is run by your next door neighbors in Janua Town. It is very much like the other Day Care Centers of previous games.

Aberseptum and Fere
The department store of the game is located in Septum City and Fere Town. It is a great place to look for exotic items for your Pokemon.

Mount Interitum
A volcano located to the south of Janua Town. It features many fire type Pokemon for you to catch.

Medioan Forest
To the east of Medio is a forest that is home to many bug and grass type Pokemon. The Medioan Forest is a must-see.

The Trigemini Lighthouse
Located in the middle of the three Trigemini Cities, the Lighthouse features some electric types, and is also one of Team Scelus' main hideouts.

Scelus HQ
The Scelus Main HQ is located under Janua Town. It is only accessible by "Dugtrio's Mining Adventures".

Under Postremus
Only accessible by DMA is the underground of Postremus Island. It offers some more legendary Pokemon, such as Girantina, whom was accessible in Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of Time/Space in "The Great Abyss".

Fere Town
The final area with a gem. It's almost the end of your journey.

The Fere Lake
A very small lake. It has a strange aura and is one of the lakes that has been poisoned because of Team Scelus.

Mt. Semper
This great mountain has a shrine on the top, thanking Jirachi for its part in purifying the water of Summus. Jirachi only comes down to Earth on Mt. Semper.

Pokemon League Castle
Located North of Fere Town, the Pokemon League Castle is the final destination to stop Team Scelus and to become a true Pokemon Master.

Postremus Island
The absolute final destination of your quest. On the lowest side of the island is a shrine to Darkrai, which is Level 75 and is awakened only when Jirachi is the first in your party. Once Darkrai is captured, the North Side of Postremus appears. It is a long glass stairway reaching into the heavens. On top of it is a Level 80 Arceus.


Johnathan is the male character, he is extremely brave and will stop at nothing to save a Pokemon in need. He only hates one thing more than Team Scelus... Modern pop.

Adriana is the female character. She is very mischievous and uses her looks to gain access to some places to help out. Her parents are Pokemon Rangers, so she was raised to be very fond of Pokemon.

Your rival is Professor Elm's only son. They're a great person and will stop at nothing to help you save Pokemon. He can be battled in Janua Town in the post-game with a team made up of all Johto Pokemon. His team is
Meganium, Level 60
Typhlosion, Level 62
Feraligatr, Level 64
Crobat, Level 66
Miltank, Level 60
Tyranitar, Level 62

Once you defeat him, he gives you a gift from Johto, a level 40 Celebi!

Professor Poplar
A great family friend and excellent Pokemon trainer. He is in his 60s and is battle-able in Janua Town after your Rival is defeated. Here are his Pokemon:
Pikachu, Level 68
Sceptile, Level 70
Infernape, Level 72
Samurott, Level 74
Blissey, Level 68
Regirock, Level 70

Once you defeat him, he allows you to go to Postremus Island.

Scelus Admin Gif
Gif is the first Gem Holder, located in Cordus City. He deals with poison types.
His team is:
Grimer, Level 10
Koffing, Level 12
Once defeated, he gives you a gem and a TM for Toxic.

Scelus Admin Aave
Aave is the Gem holder of Medio City. He uses ghost types. His team is:
Duskull, Level 16
Misdreavus, Level 18
Shuppet, Level 16
Once defeated he gives you a gem and a TM for Shadow Ball.

Scelus Admin Paloa
Paloa is the Gem holder for one of Trigemini City. Paloa is a fire type trainer with this team:
Ninetails, Level 20
Arcanine, Level 20
Charmeleon, Level 22
Once defeated, she gives you a gem and a TM for Sunny Day.

Scelus Admin Vesi
Vesi is the Gem holder for another Trigemini City. She represents "Beauty" and "water's freedom" in her battle style with this team:
Croconaw, Level 26
Vaporeon, Level 24
Staryu, Level 24
Once defeated she gives you a gem and a TM for Rain Dance

Scelus Admin Lehti
Lehti is the Gem holder for the final Trigemini City. She is a powerful spirit with her grass type pokemon:
Grotle, Level 30
Sunflora, Level 28
Bellossom, Level 28
Once defeated, she gives you a Gem and the TM Solar Beam

Scelus Admin Valo
Valo is the first Gem holder for Septum City. He controls electric typed. His team is:
Electabuzz, Level 34
Jolteon, Level 34
Raichu, Level 36
Zebstrika, Level 38
Once defeated, he gives you a Gem, and the TM Thunder.
Bio: Scelus Admin Valo is in charge of all of Scelus' computer needs. The Player must hack into his files to complete the game and gather new knowledge on some of the Pokemon and Team Scelus' evil scheme. Valo was born in the abandoned Power Plant of Kanto and soon became friends with all of the Pokemon. He then found his way out of Kanto to Summus and met Courtney.

Courtney is the leader of Team Scelus. She was one of the admins of Team Magma and is now using Poison to eliminate all water! She is also the Champion of Summus, and the other Gem Holder for Septum City. Her team for being the Gem holder is:
Toxicroak, Level 44
Camerupt, Level 42
Garbodor, Level 40
Muk, Level 46
Once defeated, she gives you a Gem and the TM Hone Claws.
This is the same team for your battle on Mt. Semper except they are all leveled up twice.

Her Champion team is:
Toxicroak, Level 66
Camerupt, Level 68
Muk, Level 66
Garbodor, Level 68
Solipede, Level 66
Gengar, Level 70

For her champion team, the second time around, they are 12 levels higher.

Bio: Courtney was born in Hoenn, and became quickly acquainted with the fire type Pokemon, mainly Ninetails. When she was ready, she joined Team Magma to try and rule the world with her fire types. She failed, and ended up on Summus. She then founded Team Scelus, the reformation of Team Magma. Scelus had a slightly different goal however, Scelus was to contaminate the water, Magma was to destroy it. Sadly for Courtney, Scelus is disbanded by the Player, however, she has a trick up her sleeve... Courtney is the champion!

Noah is the Dragon type Gem Holder, and is the only real "Gym Leader" of Summus, the rest being Team Scelus admins. He visits the Ruins of Medio often in his free time, when not battling trainers. He is also in the Elite Four, the second time around. His team as a Gem Holder is:
Dragonair, Level 48
Haxorus, Level 50
Druddigon, Level 48
Zweilous, Level 52
Once defeated, he gives you a Gem and the TM Dragon Claw.
His team as the first Elite Four member (second time around) is:
Dragonite, Level 68
Haxorus, Level 70
Druddigon, Level 68
Hydreigon, Level 74
Charizard, Level 72
Bio: Noah was born in the Sinnoh region. He learned all about Pokemon and passed the Trainer's School in Jubilife City with the highest marks in record. He soon became acquainted with the Gym Leaders and quickly finished them off with his two best friends, Dratini and Axew. After he became the official champion of Sinnoh, he learned about Summus, west of Sinnoh. Quickly, he and his Pokemon headed to the Canalave City Dock and traveled to Summus. He appreciated all of the Pokemon there and soon was awarded all of the badges. He then decided to become a gym leader. But, that was not enough! He worked his way up and became the first member of the Elite Four, until Team Scelus decided to show up.

Scelus General Surma
The first of the Elite Four, and darkest is Surma. She is evil, and a trained assassin. She uses Dark type Pokemon to make your team crumble. This is her team:
Zoroark, Level 54
Umbreon, Level 54
Lieperd, Level 56
Mightyena, Level 54
Absol, Level 56
Bio: Surma had a great childhood, she was very educated and had everything she needed, even a trusty Seedot by her side. Then one day, Seedot was attacked by a loose Charizard, known to many as Ash's Charizard. Sadly, Seedot didn't make it. Surma became very cruel to people, until an Umbreon showed up next to her and became her friend. Umbreon showed her that though Darkness is evil, it can really help in a battle.

Elo of the Elite Four is a lively person, and very smart. He uses psychic Pokemon. Mainly:
Alakazam, Level 54
Espeon, Level 54
Gardevoir, Level 56
Gallade, Level 56
Beheeyem, Level 58
Bio: Elo was diagnosed with brain cancer at age five. Through the help of an Alakazam, he was soon healed. Thanks to that, he has always had a Psychic type at his side.

Scelus General Kory
Kory of the Elite Four is very bland. Though his Pokemon are all normal types, they are very strong:
Porygon Z, Level 58
Exploud, Level 58
Audino, Level 60
Delcatty, Level 60
Blissey, Level 62
Bio: Kory grew up in Goldenrod City, and had an early exposure with Normal types. He owes his life to Whitney's Miltank, for healing him after he was beaten up by the bullies at his school with their Machoke. Soon, his own Chansey was able to fight off even the strongest Fighting types. All thanks to the creature most kids absolutely hate (Whitney's Miltank).

Scelus General Vicky
Vicky of the Elite Four uses Bug types. This is her team:
Pinsir, Level 62
Accelgor, Level 62
Escavalier, Level 64
Volcarona, Level 62
Galvantula, Level 66

Laita is the second member of the Elite Four, the second time around. She uses Flying type Pokemon. Here is her team:
Archeops, Level 72
Staraptor, Level 74
Swellow, Level 75
Charizard, Level 74
Noctowl, Level 72
Bio: Like Green in the Manga series, Laita had an early-on bad experience with flying type Pokemon. However, Winona soon taught her the true beauties of Flying types when Laita was given her first, a Tailow. Since then, it has become a Swellow, and a strong one at that.

Bruno is the third member of the Elite Four in Summus, the second time around. He used to be an Elite Four member in Kanto/Johto but soon became tired with it. Here is his team:
Machamp, Level 74
Hariyama, Level 76
Hitmontop, Level 74
Mienshao, Level 76
Conkeldurr, Level 74

Kate is the fourth member of the Elite Four in Summus, the second time around. She is a master with Steel types and sword fighting. This is her team:
Klinklang, Level 76
Mawile, Level 76
Lucario, Level 76
Empoleon, Level 77
Scizor, Level 79
Bio: Born and raised in Kanto, Kate didn't have an early exposure to steel types. However, she was determined that there were types like Steel types and fell in love at Johto, when she first met her best friend, Scizor.

Cynthia is the champion of Sinnoh and a Pokemon researcher. She explores Summus, and you may get to battle her, but watch out! She's the strongest trainer in the game.
Torterra, Level 96
Infernape, Level 96
Empoleon, Level 96
Weavile, Level 98
Rotom, Level 98
Staraptor, Level 100
Once you defeat Cynthia, she gives you the TM Swords Dance.

*A new region!
*New characters!
*A new plot!
*The "revival" of Team Magma!
*New HMs!
Here is a list of some of the new HMs I thought of, so far.

Sludge Bomb - Widely used by Team Scelus, Sludge bomb disables water from being crossed,
Flash Cannon - Flash Cannon purifies toxic water.
Flamethrower - Flamethrower destroys "small trees", Glaciers, trees, etc.
Focus Punch - Focus Punch allows you to break through gigantic boulders.
Wish - Wish heals everyone in the party, but can only be used once outside a battle in between trips to the Pokemon Center.
Thunderwave - Operates machinery. Also serves as Flash, eliminating that pointless move. :D

*Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, Sinnoh, and Unova Pokemon!
*Cynthia is back!
*Replacements for "Dig" and "Fly". For Dig, you can call for Dugtrio to experience "Dugtrio's Mining Adventures". DMA, for short, will allow you access to underground areas, such as Scelus' Main HQ. Fly is now an activity for you unlocked after the Medio Gem is found. It is available in a Key Item, called "The Bird Song". Based on how well your trainer is, the type of Pokemon you can fly on is changed.

Two Gems - Pidgey
Three Gems - Pidgeotto
Four Gems - Murkrow
Five Gems - Yanma
Six Gems - Swellow
Seven Gems - Pelipper
Eight Gems - Staraptor
Jirachi is Caught - Togekiss
Pokemon League Complete - Unfezant
Pokemon Leage x2 - Braviary
Cynthia, Rival, and Professor Poplar defeated - Tornadus

Flying shows an animation of you and the Pokemon you are flying on, flying in the sky.
*For most of the game, you will travel with at least one person. This is usually Adriana if you are Johnathan, and the other way around. This means that against Gem holders, you will fight Double battles! However in the Pokemon League, you're on your own.
*Cars instead of bicycles.
*All 649 Pokemon

Thanks for reading it!!! :D
Please post and tell me about it! Ask me questions if you didn't understand anything. Anyone who wants to help can as of now. Thanks! :D

If you want to help get this started, please post. :D

PS. About the starters: They all evolve in their mid-30s. I will probably boost up their stats once this gets started.

PPS. Once this gets a few replies, I will start on the Summus Map.
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