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    Alpha has been released!

    • I've only tested on my own machine. It may or may not work in Linux, it works in Windows 7.
    • There are bound to be bugs in the program. I've already found and fixed a lot of them... but if anyone finds more, please inform me.
    • The text box in the top-right currently does nothing, and may soon be removed altogether.
    • Only fully tested with Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Time. (And it DOES check game IDs.)
    Want my help in PokéScripting? PM me =)
    I use XSE v1.1.1 (HackMew = awesome) and Advance Map 1.92.
    Thanks to Diego and HackMew for their tutorials, helping me learn how to script!

    Hacks I support 100% (MUST SEE!):

    Very well made hacks:

    My work:
    Figuring out scripting in PMD
    Entire script map of LeafGreen
    PMDSE (Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Script Editor)
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