Thread: B2/W2: obligatory music thread.
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Um...I don't think I can find any songs, but...

I love all of the Pokémon songs. I'll love all of them. Which one's my favorite? That's the thrill of the listening!

I assume it's gonna be one of the legendary ones, since I've always loved their mysterious yet bluntly obvious and badass style and melody to them. Eg Regis and Uxie, Mespirit, and Azelf's theme. I doubt that Kyurem's (both formes, I hope) will be any different...unless Game Freak slacks off, which they sure haven't done with this game, it seems!!

Also can we please have some links? That'd be nice imo since i dunno where you're getting all your music.

And XanderO I hope this post is okay with you because I honestly can't be bothered to search on Youtube for an hour to find 33 secs of a song.
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