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    Originally Posted by droomph View Post
    Haha yeah, defensively Ice types suck, don't they?

    What would you say we could do about fixing that? My best bet would be to teach it non-Ice moves to deal with them effective types, but that's obviously not a good cure-all strategy.

    What do all of you say?
    Defensively they do, but when they got speed...they rock.~

    I would say the same, and it worked for Weavile..for a bit. I'm not at expert at these things at all. No really, I'm not don't listen to my advice, I always seem to boost their speed and focus on their speed and either special attack or attack. That way they're the first to hit and their attack will always do some good damage. I always use another Pokemon first, and if it isn't one of those who have either Priority moves, I send my Weavile and other ice types out. Of course, this doesn't always work they sweep my team for some reason. Like Ozzy said, out speed the opponent.

    On the other hand, they do go against grass types, one of the most common Pokemon, so they do have their chances.