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    Chapter 9: Return to Castle Koopa

    With the new knowledge Jeff had received about the Mushroom Kingdom from his longtime earth friend Julie, who he had not seen in many years, he walked out of Toad Town and planned a return trip to Castle Koopa. He knew he would probably be captured for trespassing but it was a risk he was going to take. He decided to take the route far to the south past Bob-Omb Battlefield as he wanted to see for himself the crimes of Mario. He knew that a lot of battles took place in this area and he would be able to witness firsthand what Mario, who he initially believed to be all innocent, was actually capable of. The walk talk much longer than it did when he had left Castle Koopa previously. It took about an hour and a half to reach the far south border and a further fifteen minutes to reach Bob-Omb Battlefield. Once he had reached the battlefield, his face turned to nothing but shock and disgust. All around were the mutiliated bodies of Bowser's troops; koopa troopas, goombas, hammer brothers and more.

    “Oh my god, is this what Julie meant by what she said?” Jeff said to himself. He was expecting to see something nasty but nothing prepared him for this. It was a sight of pure horror and Jeff almost puked.

    “These poor soldiers, killed for doing their jobs and in such a horrible way also,” Jeff said. Now that he saw what he needed to see, he rushed through the battlefield hoping to get to the end as quickly as possible. He was greeted by a goomba who stood behind him.

    “Hey you,” the goomba said as Jeff stopped to turn around.

    “Yes you, you're not supposed to be here, this is a restricted area and you can't just walk through here,” the goomba said.

    “Oh I'm sorry, I never meant to intrude or anything, I was just walking through looking for a shortcut to Castle Koopa, I didn't realise this was restricted,” Jeff lied through gritted teeth. The goomba however was not convinced.

    “You're lying, I can tell by the tone of your voice,” he said as a hammer brother walked over. Jeff knew he was in trouble now.

    “Well what have we here? A human, eh? What should we do with him,” the hammer brother smirked. Jeff stood still and made no attempt to escape.

    “Lets interrogate him,” the goomba said. “He could be a spy for all we know.”

    “Hey, I'm no spy. I was j..,” Jeff started to say before being interrupted.

    “Save it for the interrogation,” the hammer brother said then walked over to Jeff and quickly pulled him down to the ground where he tied him up while the goomba looked out for any witnesses.

    “Oh great, captured again,” Jeff said to himself annoyed. Once the hammer brother had finished tying up Jeff, he put Jeff into a sitting position and then stood next to him while the goomba stood on the other side.

    “Now we can question you here or we can take you to Castle Koopa where it will be much worse,” the goomba said.

    “You can do whatever you have to do here. I have nothing to hide,” Jeff said.

    “Good, then this shouldn't last long,” the goomba said. “Now what are you doing here and why?”

    “I wanted to see for myself what kind of stuff happens here, someone told me that the Mario brothers had been killing many of your kinds and I wanted to see if it was true,” Jeff said.

    “Why would you want to see what happens here?” the goomba then asked.

    “I wanted to see just how bad it was, being told something is one thing but to experience it is another thing entirely. I was expecting to see something bad but nothing like this,” Jeff said.

    “Well now you know,” the hammer brother said. “But that still doesn't explain why you were running through the battlefield, it appears to us you were rushing to get onto the other side, maybe towards Castle Koopa.”

    “Yeah, how do we know you're not a spy sent by King Oscar or Mario?” the goomba said.

    “Believe me, I'm no spy and I don't work for Mario or Oscar. It is true I was trying to get to Castle Koopa I admit but it was only because I wanted answers,” Jeff said.

    “What answers?” the hammer brother asked.

    “About your history with the Mushroom Kingdom. I found out a few things what changed my opinions completely of the Mushroom Kingdom and wanted to learn more,” Jeff said.

    “He's lying, he's a spy. We should take him to Bowser and have him permanently enslaved,” the goomba said.

    “I'm not lying, I swear. Please you have to believe me. I'm no spy and I would never work for Oscar. He's a murderer and a tyrant,” Jeff pleaded beginning to get quite teary.

    “Ah, don't give us those fake tears,” the goomba said. The hammer brother however was beginning to pity Jeff.

    “Wait a minute,” the hammer brother said. “Lets not judge him too quickly, what if he is be telling the trut ?”

    “You are joking?” the goomba said shocked. “Humans can't be trusted, you know that right?”

    “I know most humans are untrustworthy, yes but we also know of one other human who was in the situation as this guy right here,” the hammer brother said.

    “Grr, you're right but I still don't trust him, the goomba grumbled. Jeff realised they were talking about Julie but remained quiet.

    “Besides most other humans don't talk in that way about the Mushroom Kingdom and this one seems to be quite interested in us,” the hammer brother said.

    “So what shall we do?” the goomba asked.

    “We'll take him to Bowser and he can explain to him,” the hammer brother said and the goomba nodded before turning back to Jeff.
    “Okay it appears my friend here believes you we will guide you to Castle Koopa as guards,” the goomba said. “But don't try any funny business or its straight to the slave pits, you understand?”

    Jeff nodded and then the hammer brother untied Jeff's legs and pulled him up to his feet but keeping his arms and hands tied.

    “You won't be able to just walk in so we'll have to make out we captured you otherwise we'll be in trouble. Once you are with Bowser, you should explain to him what you told us,” the hammer brother said.

    “Whether you are telling the truth or not, you still shouldn't have come through this battlefield,” the goomba said. Jeff just hung his head in sorrow.

    “I'm sorry,” Jeff said.

    “Forget about it,” the goomba said. “Anyway, what's your name?”

    “My name is Jeff,” Jeff said.

    “Well my name is Trevor and my friend here is called Charlie,” the goomba said.

    “We should make a move, we can't hang around here all day,” Charlie said.

    So they escorted Jeff through the battlefield and up to Castle Koopa. Once they had reached the throne-room, Bowser greeted him.

    “Jeff, we meet again, what brings you here?” Bowser laughed.

    “Wait, you've been here before?” Charlie asked Jeff.

    “Yes, I was captured previously when I first entered this world,” Jeff replied.

    “Okay, forget all the details. Bowser, we apologise for having to bring this human here like this. We know humans are not allowed to come here so we had to tie him up and make him out to be a prisoner,” Charlie said making Bowser confused.

    “Huh? What are you going on about?” Bowser asked.

    “Jeff, here says he wants to speak to you and learn the ways of the koopa and your history and stuff,” Trevor said.

    “Oh he does, eh? Well I shall be the judge of that,” Bowser said.

    “We caught him walking through Bob-Omb Battlefield, he says he wanted to see for himself the damage caused by the Marios,” Charlie said.

    “I see, well if really wants to study our history and culture, then I see no reason why he shouldn't be deprived of that,” Bowser said.

    “I'm still a bit unsure whether we can trust him,” Trevor said.

    “Relax Trevor, if he is lying then he'll be taking a one-way trip to the dungeons and slave pits,” Bowser said.

    “I hope he is telling the truth for everyone's sakes,” Trevor said.

    “If its all okay then, then it should be safe to untie him,” Bowser said and Charlie untied Jeff who remained still and quiet.

    “Okay Jeff, now its your turn to speak. Why are you so interested in our way of life?” Bowser asked.

    “Well I was in Toad Town library and I bumped into an old friend of mine, someone I used to know when I was living on Earth. She told me about how Oscar was murdering many of your troops and showed me documents and stuff. She also said she was allied with you,” Jeff said. Charlie and Trevor listened with interest.

    “And who is this other human you speak of,” Bowser asked.

    “Her name is Julie, Julie Patterson,” Jeff said. At the mention of that name, Trevor now realised Jeff was telling the truth.

    “Wait, you know Julie,” Trevor said surprised.

    “Oh yes, me and Julie go way back. We lived together back in Brighton, my hometown and are quite good friends. Seven years ago she disappeared and was never seen since then I discovered she'd been in this world the whole time,” Jeff said.

    “If you know Julie and she's told you all this stuff about us and the Mushroom Kingdom, then that means you are telling the truth,” Bowser said.

    “I'm sorry I called you a spy,” Trevor said. “I thought you were sent by Oscar and jumped to conclusions.”

    “It's okay, I forgive you,” Jeff said and Trevor smiled.

    “Charlie, Trevor, you may leave now. I'm going to have a long talk with our new friend here,” Bowser said. Charlie and Trevor both left the throne-room leaving Jeff alone with Bowser. Shortly after they left, Marcus walked in and was surprised to see Jeff standing there.

    “Jeff, what are you doing back here?” Marcus asked shocked.

    “Hello Marcus, nice to see you again,” Jeff smiled.

    “Marcus, you're here,” Bowser said. “I want you to escort Jeff to our libraries, teach him everything you know about our history, our culture, everything.”

    “I'll do it but why does he want to know about us?” Marcus asked.

    “It's a long story, I'll let Jeff tell you along the way,” Bowser said.

    “Okay then, well come on Jeff. If Bowser had allowed it, then you should have no problem getting in the library,” Marcus said as they both left. The library was a big hall of books situated on the west side of the castle.

    “We'll sit down in the back then you can tell me your reasons for coming here before I'll show you some serious history,” Marcus said. They sat down and Jeff told Marcus how he bumped into Julie and was told about the crimes of the Mushroom Kingdom. Jeff looked through several books with interest what Marcus showed him.

    “They don't teach this stuff in Toad Town library, there works are all warped and half-truths and depict us all as nothing but criminals and make out Bowser to be a sadistic tyrant,” Marcus said.

    Jeff remained with Marcus in the library for a few hours where he learned everything he could and Bowser was about to get the shock of his life at Jeff's next request later when he and Marcus returned to the throne-room.

    “How did it go?” Bowser asked.

    “It went great, me and Jeff went through many books and I showed him some literature samples from Toad Town library just so he knows how twisted they are,” Marcus said.

    “It was good, yeah. Thank you for enlightening me Marcus and thank you for allowing me to use your library Bowser,” Jeff said.

    “Your welcome Jeff. It's so nice to see another human who is so interested in our culture,” Bowser said.

    “Oh there's one more thing,” Jeff said almost immediately after Bowser had spoken.

    “What's that?” Bowser asked.

    “I don't know how I should ask this but I've been doing a lot of thinking and I wish to join the koopa empire,” Jeff said. Marcus almost jumped out his shell and Bowser nearly fell off the throne.

    “Say that again,” Bowser said after regaining his composure.

    “I said I want to join the koopa empire. I would like to work for you,” Jeff repeated.

    “Well that was a shock, I've never had a human ask me that before,” Bowser said. “Well you seem to be quite trustworthy and you have learned a lot about our customs and history. I have to ask though, is this what you really want.”

    “Yes it is, I want to help you in every way that I can with your struggle against the Mushroom Kingdom,” Jeff said.

    “Well so be it,” Bowser said. “Of course, I can't let you join just like that. You will need to be trained and tested first before I can make you an official member along with the rest of my troops.”

    “Bowser, if I may, I would like to train Jeff and teach him the ways of the koopa empire,” Marcus said.

    “I think that's a great idea. After all, it was you who Jeff first met during his fall into this world and also showed him around our library. So it would make sense for you to be the one who trains him,” Bowser said.

    “Cool, it would be an honour to be trained by Marcus. When do we begin?” Jeff asked.

    “You may begin right away if you wish,” Bowser said.

    “Yes, I want to begin right now,” Jeff said.

    “Let me warn you though, once you begin your life here, it won't be so easy to quit if you wish to do so in the future and you must cut all ties you may have had with the Mushroom Kingdom. Think long and hard. Becoming part of the koopa empire isn't just a walk in the park and you may come across some tough trials throughout your career here. Quitting the koopa empire is frowned upon and will make you an outcast, not that you'd be able to anyway,” Bowser warned.

    “I have no intention of quitting, I have thought about this long and hard ever since I learned the truth about this world and I have come to the conclusion that I want to join and help you,” Jeff said.

    “Good. Marcus, take Jeff down to the training rooms and go through with him some basic training rituals. Jeff, your training should last roughly two weeks. You will attend several training sessions each day where you will be taught combat training as well as how to restrain, guard and interrogate a prisoner as well as other different forms of training,” Bowser said.

    “Thank you Bowser for giving me this opportunity,” Jeff said.

    “I will look forward to working with you,” Bowser said.

    “So will I,” Marcus replied.

    “Your training will begin now. So you had better be prepared for whatever comes. Marcus, you may take Jeff down now,” Bowser said.

    “Yes Bowser. Come on Jeff, lets get you all set up,” Marcus said as he and Jeff left. They walked down into the basement to a long corridor, which had many rooms.

    “This is the training area. As you can see, we have many training rooms for different kinds of troops. You don't have to train in all of them though, some rooms are specialised so it fits the needs of specific kinds of troops. We'll begin in this room over here,” Marcus explained as they walked over to a room in the middle of the corridor on the right-hand side. They walked into a room and sat down on some chairs.

    “Okay before we begin, let me go through a few ground rules. Firstly, the sessions you will be going through is all compulsory and must be attended fully. Failure to attend a training session will result in a one-way trip to the dungeons and possible banishment from the kingdom. Secondly, you will complete all training to the best of your abilities. This will help us determine what level you are at and the unit you will be assigned too. We all work alongside other troops of our unit although we sometimes get solo jobs but not always. Thirdly, once you are part of the empire considering you pass all the training first, you may never go back to your old life nor to your life in Toad Town. You got all that?” Marcus explained.

    “I have,” Jeff replied.

    “Good. Okay as your trainer, I am also going to be your partner while training you in combat,” Marcus said.

    “What does that mean?” Jeff asked.

    “In other words, you'll be sparring with me,” Marcus said. “You'll get to spar with other troops too later on in your training so you'll get to experience how tough it is here. Plus those muscles of yours won't cut it at all so before we do anything else, I'm going to build up your strength first.”

    Jeff was then made to do several reps of weight-lifting, press-ups and crunches among other things.
    After about two hours with a few breaks in between Jeff was exhausted.

    “Good work Jeff,” Marcus said. “Give it another day or two then you'll be ready for some proper training. But you still have to keep yourself fit so it doesn't mean you can't just stop all what we've done.”

    At the end of the day, Jeff was then escorted to a guest bedroom near to the training rooms.

    “This is where you will be staying for the time being while you do your training. If you pass and become part of the empire, you will be given a different room where you will stay on a more permanent basis,” Marcus said.

    “Thank you Marcus for everything,” Jeff said.

    “Don't mention it. Its so nice to finally have a human on our side. I am of course already familiar with your friend Julie but she never signed up although she remains an ally of us,” Marcus said.

    “That's nice Marcus, good night now,” Jeff said.

    “Good night Jeff, I'll see you tomorrow,” Marcus said and left.

    Jeff then lay down on his bed and closed his eyes. Shortly afterwards, he fell asleep.
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