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    My first job in the industry was over the summer of my first year of Uni as a Production Assistant for a company that did animated commercials (my job dealt with applying to film festivals, scanning, compositing, colouring animation, and dealing with people/ the phone.) I was super nervous at first but easily got into it.
    Second place in the industry was my internship at Disney working on Split Second DLC and prototype anims for a game that was in development. I learned a lot and I was so happy with that experience. It was a big move.

    :33 Now I'm working at Sega as an animator (suuuper nervous when I started, too.. aren't we all?) and so happy that one of the games I am working on will get announced soon :333 So I will finally be able to spazz and talk about what I am actually working on <3333

    Man I love working in Games.
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