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Hailey and Arcea - Children's City
Arcea absorbed info, being the only one of the two willing to meet the male's eyes let alone talk to him. Hailey seemed to be deliberately pretending not to be paying attention, judging by the fact her gaze was directed at the ground and it was most likely difficult to imagine her falling asleep in a standing position. Arcea in contrast was reasonably friendly, considering the male had offered to help them in dire circumstances. "You hear that, Hailey? They're better than that." Arcea said, directing a glance in Hailey's direction. By her tone, it seemed as if there was some hidden meaning to the statement; perhaps something between the two girls that Tim simply wasn't aware of.

Hailey slowly lifted her head and just sort of turned her gaze on Arcea with all the speed of an actual slug trying to crawl it's way through rush hour traffic. The expression on her face was at first full of mildly surprised annoyance, which quickly turned to actual, genuine hostility as she proceeded to /glare/ at Arcea as if the other had said something absolutely terrible. What followed was a very brief moment of tense silence before Arcea broke the staring contest with Hailey and turned her attention back to Tim, speaking up again; she immediately changed the subject. "Eh... So you sent for a healer?" She said, sounding slightly uncomfortable at first but otherwise doing her best to ignore her companion. Hailey turned her harsh gaze on Tim, but if he met her eyes it would only take a moment for her to avert her gaze back down to the ground. It was hard to say what was wrong with her; was she in too much pain to be friendly, or perhaps was this normal? Considering how quiet and still she was, it might seem that at least part of this attitude was more than pain. It was easy to gain trust issues when half the people you met were willing to end your life. "That's a relief... And you're doin' this just cause? Or... can we do a little somethin' for you?--When I stop being a burden anyway."

It honestly didn't sound like Arcea was accusing Tim of anything. Rather, she seemed to find it unusual that someone would help anyone for absolutely, and was implying that she was willing to do something for him in return for his help.

If Arcea noticed Hailey's continued attitude she pretended not to, however; instead she chose to give Tim her full attention. For the one of the two who hadn't been able to walk, she sure dealt with the pain well. Given, Hailey wore pretty heavy clothes which showed little to no skin and therefore made it difficult to tell how badly she was hurt at a glance, her hands and head the major exceptions. Judging by the high quality of the clothes they had probably come with her transformation, rather than having been human-made. Arcea in comparison wore a mini-skirt and a short-sleeved shirt. This was completely diregarding the rather large, somewhat aquatic looking tail that stuck out from underneath her tail. Did that even constitute her body? What about the shorter, thinner head-tail that hung off the back of her head like a ponytail? One might be inclined to say yes, though one also might be inclined to try and find out. It wasn't /every/ pokespirit wielder that got a tail that impressive!

It's been a long time since we crossed paths over spcae-time~
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