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Danger on the S.S. Anne

No Spaces Remaining!
Rating: T

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while now, and thought that the great cruise of the S.S. Anne could become a premise for a roleplay. This roleplay is a mix of Journey-style and a competition, posts need to be made for the events however there will be adequate time for this (hopefully a week).

Two mysterious characters have been handing out luxury cruise tickets, for free! Trainers from all over the Kanto region have been invited onboard the cruise liner, S.S. Anne, for a month of battling, good food and a well deserved holiday. The liner will make occasional stops, serving both as a means of day trips around Kanto (and allows for late passengers to board!). This will also provide a change to capture new Pokémon, as the variety at sea isn't that diverse.

Unfortunately, if you recall the anime, this trip may not go as smoothly as expected. A troublesome group are on board, who will stop at nothing to steal the relaxing trainers’ Pokémon. Unfortunately it looks like they have have infiltrated your ranks, enjoying themselves around you and learning your habits and weaknesses. Things are about to get dangerous on the S.S. Anne

Come one, come all! You are a trainer from the Kanto region (although you can originate from elsewhere if you wish) who has been invited to Viridian City for the launching of the brilliant cruise liner, the S.S. Anne. It's unsinkable, probably.

At first your role is to interact and have fun, however as the game progresses and the plot unfolds you will have to work together to find the intruder among you. One character, at this point in the game (not the beginning), will be secretly labelled as the impostor. Only myself and the character's owner will know. At that stage the RP gets a bit darker, and every week or so a vote will happen.

The Vote:
The vote will happen OOC, however your Characters are free to voice their opinions IC. Players will pick one character that they feel could be impostor. If the vote is successful then the game is over! But let's hope that doesn't happen too soon. If the group collectively vote for someone innocent however... the impostor is free to meddle with the ship and the trainers.

At the end of a vote there will be a 'Results' post, which will be written by myself with help from the intruder-character's player. Each post will end with something substantial happening in response to the vote - Pokémon may be stolen, people might be injured, or worse...

Stop-off Locations:
  1. Fuschia City [Safari Zone][Gym]
  2. Seafoam Islands [Cave]
  3. Mossdeep City [Space Center][Gym]
  4. Mikan Island [Surfing][Gym]
  5. Pinkan Island [Berry Picking][Exotic Pokémon]
  6. Navel Island [Snow Sports][Gym]
  7. The Open Ocean

S.S. Anne Rooms:
  • Cabins for each of the characters (and many more) act as resting spots. Minor damage can be healed from resting here.
  • The Nurses' Room is where you would go if any of your Pokémon end up fainting, or with a status condition. You can also go to the Nurses' room if your chaacter is unwell or injured in the crossfire.
  • Battle Arenas are scattered around the boat, each battle system is fixed with an automated umpire, which makes sure all the fights are fair.
  • The Trading Room is similar to that of the anime, trades are controlled by a machine to make sure there is no foul play. Prior to trading all a Pokémon's details are showed on the monitor so the trainer can see exactly what is on offer.
  • The Food Aisle is filled to the brim with buffet food, breakfast/lunch/dinner is all available here. It is up to you to use this area, whenever you feel your character needs a snack, and is a good place for conversation.
  • Out on Deck is the only place you can hope to find wild Pokémon. Each stretch of the ocean will have a different array of Pokémon, however these are mostly limited to water and flying types.

  • All PC rules apply.
  • No Godmodding or Bunnying.
  • T-Rated, so keep swearing to a minimal and bare this in mind. If in doubt about what you can post feel free to ask.
  • If I ask you to change something, please do so.
  • The impostor MUST remain secret. If the secret gets out it is very hard to reassign it to someone else.
  • You start with a maximum of three Pokémon. However, you can trade Pokémon with other characters (or some NPCs I will introduce) or catch new ones (see below).

Battling/Capturing Pokémon:
  • You may only battle, and thus capture, Pokémon stated on the most current event post. This will be summarised in the first post.
  • After a wildbattle takes place I will award your Pokémon experience. Moves will be learnt in BW order as listed by bulbapedia.
  • The move limit for Pokémon is four, however 'standard' moves can be used regardless. This includes things such as Tackle, Pound and Growl. Standard moves will be listed with an underline.
  • Battles may also lead to item rewards, if I feel the post was very well written.
  • Catching a Pokémon must end with the Pokéball being thrown. You must then wait for me to post the outcome before continuing on.
  • The outcome will be decided by a dice roll. Either real or digital, whatever I can grab. Common Pokémon will be easiest to catch, Very Rare will be the hardest.
  • When it comes to player vs player battles please remember to end your post without inflicting control on anyone else's character. If you're finding it tedious writing short posts it may be a good idea to plan your battle together OOC.

List of 'Standard' moves which do not contribute to the 4 moves of choice.:
If you think other moves deserve to be on the list please say.
  • Scratch
  • Pound
  • Tackle
  • Growl
  • Tail Whip
  • Leer
Remember, these techniques still have to be learnt!

Sign Up Sheet:
Full Name:
Age (16+):
Appearance: Photo/Paragraph
Personality: Paragraph
Biography: Detailed please! Min. 2 Paragraphs
Pokémon (Max 3)
Level: [Level Cap: 40] Be realistic! If you are a beginning trainer you won't have three level 30 Pokémon. Remember your three Pokémon can be different levels.
Ability: Hidden B/W Abilities allowed.
Moveset: Any four moves that the Pokémon could have learnt, from it's level (BW Pokédex). You may inclue one bonus Egg Move or TM move. Remember that standard moves do not count to your moveset - see the Rules section for more details.
Personality: Paragraph
Short Bio: About a paragraph would be good.

Accepted Players:
At the moment I am going to cap the numbers at 12 15 16?, however if it's working comfortably more plays may open up.
  1. Giselle O'Brien (~Genevieve~)
  2. Ayame Akiko (PinkSapphire)
  3. Sarah Reyes (Greiger)
  4. Eve Murphy (NightOfRemorse)
  5. Caydee Mint (Meganium90)
  6. Dorian Dammer (Mick Fizz)
  7. Skylar Weathers (Mystical Mermaid)
  8. Johnny Tran (First Snow)
  9. Link James Hunter (Baker's Bulbasaur)
  10. Lucas Harding (FinalMaster)
  11. Waver Cato (silverexorcist)
  12. Melody Rainwater (CrumbledCandyWrapper)
  13. Orenji (PkmnRangerJ)
  14. Hogan Jules (Zagan)
  15. George Leggingsteele (Mr. Mammoth)
  16. Ortzi Aidyn (Fuyu)
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