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Originally Posted by pokedevil View Post
Caught a Ghastly and Cubone, not sure if I should use them or store them.

Ghastly seems more or less the same as Kadabra, only I've had Kadabra much longer so naturally his stats would be better. Eventually I intend to replace Kadabra with Mewtwo anyways, but that's a long ways off.

Cubone it strikes me will be effective for each of the three gyms I still have to deal with (Koga, Giovanni, and Blaine), which should lead to a lot of leveling up and a pretty beastly marowack, but given that I've already got an Onix who I intend to keep around, I'm not sure I should bother.

And ideas? Thanks in advance.
You haven't listed a specific game. So I'll cover both to the best of my ability.


Stick with KADABRA his psychic moves deal with NORMAL and FIGHTING types with ease. And his moves are just powerful to begin with.


Stick with ONIX, his defense is hella high where I would assume CUBONE is more squishy. However, I believe WATER and GRASS-Types may have an easier time with ONIX due to his 4x weakness to both.


Still stick with KADABRA, the only thing that's going to beat KADABRA with ease (with the exception of a powerful first strike from a physical move.) is DARK-Types and they are few and far between in the remakes of RBY.


See the RBY answer.