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    Alright, that was great!
    Pretty everything I thought would happen happened but in a wierd way.


    I thought this whole season it was odd that Amon claimed to be a nonbender, but technically used bending (the energybending). I always wondered how he could do it, because I knew the "granted by the Gods" stuff was stupid. I guessed he had a secret,but I didn't guess he was a water and bloodbender. That and his family ties were a bit shocking.

    I did not guess that Korra would actually ever have her bending taken away. I figured she would go into the Avatar State and stop Amon before it happened.... I guess in a way it happened later. Buuuut like I figured would happen, Korra used airbending in the most aggresive way I have ever seen in either series. Good ol' Korra.

    Was it crazy, stupid, justified what Tarrlok did in basically blowing him and his brother up? I think deep down Tarrlok was a changed man (his brother maybe not), but I think Tarrlok still saw their bloodbending as an evil that would threaten the world once more at some point if he let them both go. Tarrlok did a bold move in eliminating that family line completely.

    Korra and Mako ending up together was very predictable much like it was for Aang and Katara. I was secretly rooting for it the whole season.

    Alright, in Season 2 I hope they go in depth even farther and answer some more questions. Who were Bolin and Makos' parents? Is there any significance with Iroh's name? And I want Katara to finish her story about Zuko's mother! Hurry Season 2 (and Season 3? Maybe? Please? )
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