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The boat scene near the end, the backstory, and the World War II references throughout were by far my favorite parts about the episode.

But, of course, I do have some things I didn't like:

1. Amon's scar not being real. I thought it was real when he showed it, and that he did it to himself. It would have made a much better impact if they provided some sort of flashback of him giving himself the scar somehow when he fell into the water than it just washing off. I could see that coming from the moment he hit the water.
2. Korra getting her bending back. I was hoping that season 2 would be about her finding a way to get her bending back.
3. Korra controlling the Avatar state so well. Like, really? Aang was by far more spiritual than she was, and much less rash than her as well, and it took him episodes (maybe even a whole season, I can't remember) to learn to control that. She got it down pact in a few seconds and could snap out of it on her own and everything! I liked how she entered the state, and thought it was really cool, but her control over it is slightly disappointing.

I guess I can forego the last two of them, though. Considering how long production takes and that they weren't aware they'd have another season. This was a nice wrap-up for everything that happened throughout the season.