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    I Finally Finished with the update on my part of the thread, this was very difficult updating it all and more with tons of details. What i put in the update: Details such as EV's, IV's, Pokeball, Levels, Moves, Fixed lag in sprite images, AND! I transferred all Pokemon from my Heartgold to my White so more shiny's and Legendary's. And for those of you that did not know, Pokemon Black & White 2 just came out today, 6/23/12 and its amazing, you should buy it right away when it comes out in America or if you want, buy the Japanese game, so this ends the update and...

    I'm now able to trade with anyone so post on this thread! And for anyone who has a trade with me that i postponed i will be VM'ing you so we may finish the trade and i can actually finish the update.

    One more thing, i am starting a new game on Heartgold and i will finish it and collect Pokemon for the thread and i am sorry if it says "Unknown" for EV's & IV's because i cannot check it if they have a certain ribbon, i use to check my Pokemon's detail and find hacks, i am still figuring out how to clone too, and this is a BIG "No" I will not accept any Pokemon from or Pokemon with Premier Ribbon.