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Ok...Serebii updated their site with the new Items in B2W2

Achroma Machine: A special device that forcibly awakens the powers of Pokemon. But it\'s a prototype, so it\'s unfinished.

Dirty Handkerchief: A handkerchief that a regular visitor to Nacrene City's "Cafe Warehouse" dropped. Faintly smells of Pokemon.

DNA Link Pin: A pair of linking pins to combine Kyurem and a Pokemon which were said to originally be one.

Forgotten Item: A LiveCaster picked up in Nimbasa City's Amusement Park.

License: A license card necessary to enter the Nature Sanctuary that very few people know of.

Medal Box: A box-like device which stores the medals you've collected and displays information about them.

Plasma Card: A card key needed in the Plasma Frigate when entering the Password.

Reflecting Mirror: A mysterious mirror that reflects the truth and changes Pokemon to their true forms.

Round Charm: A mysterious unbelievable charm that when held, makes it easier for the Daycare Man to find eggs.

Shining Charm: A mysterious shining charm that when held, makes it easier to encounter shiny Pokemon.
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