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    Originally Posted by Meganium90 View Post
    There's some people here that are waiting till the US release to see the new sprites, but as someone that already has seen the sprites (yeah lol), it'd be totally awesome if you did make an Elesa userbar! I am a huge fan of Elesa's new look and it'll look great on my sig! :3

    We'll see what Sector thinks when he returns. ;3
    Japan always gets the awesome stuff first lol. Well, I'm done with Elesa's new userbar and Cheren's, but I don't wanna spoil the surprise to anyone yet on what their userbars look like.
    Now to wait for the Toxic and Wave badge.

    (UPDATED on June 25, 2012)
    Here are the 3 new Gym Leaders userbars and Elesa's new look from Unova to promote the official Japanese release of Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 (US will be released on Autumn 2012, Australia on Spring 2012 and Europe also on Autumn 2012). Enjoy the new Gym Leaders userbars! :D
    Elesa (New Look):
    Pokémon Black 2 Version