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Originally Posted by ~Harmony View Post

Alright, I didn't hear about that. I wonder then if Zuko's daughter or Aang's
son was greatly influenced by Iroh (the first). If so, I hope they go a little
deeper in that relationship.

A part of me kind of wants Rohan to be another Airbender. I dunno why, but I
think it would be adorable if had those cute green eyes of Pema's and the
Airbending tattoos and Tenzin's airbending ability. Plus just for the whole
"rebuilding the Air Nomad Race" deal.

Ugh, one more season isn't enough to seriously go into depth with all the
Legend of Korra characters like they did with the Last Airbender characters.
Another season, please? :)
Even if he isn't an airbender, he can still have airbending children. His children would just have to learn airbending from his dad or his brothers and sisters.