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    I somehow managed to get the SDL version of this to compile in Linux Mint by using #include modifications and other stuff. However, it runs at double speed without using throttle. Since using the throttle makes the sound choppy, I'm working on a different way to make it run at normal speed.

    I'll post the results as soon as I've got it working at normal speed.

    Edit: I've got it working at normal speed now (without the throttle), but the sound emulation is now somewhat inaccurate (although it sounds better than just using the throttle) due to the way I modified the timing. Because of that, I don't recommend using this unless you can't run the Windows version in WINE at an acceptable speed.

    Also, the TestEmu thing still doesn't compile, but that thing isn't necessary to begin with.

    To save other people's time, I put my already-compiled version in with this.

    Originally Posted by JPAN
    Let me start by saying, I didn't make VBA. So, all credit to the original work goes to Forgotten and the rest of his team, and to all other contributers which can be found on the readme file (which I didn't alter), or in the VBA-SDL-H page.
    goes for me as well. Also, JPAN made the debugger, not me. I don't take credit for anything except the very small modifications that I made.
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