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    Originally Posted by gameholic View Post
    Hi I just wanted to know if there's any jar file of dark futue beta 3 ?
    Nice game btw .. thanks a lot
    Use Google, it ought to give you the answer you're looking for

    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    Just finished the beta and I got to say overall it was fun to play. But I do have a few little nitpicks .

    My first would be that sometimes the game wasn't self explanatory enough IN-GAME. I think even a complicated and made to be difficult game shouldn't need that much of an FAQ or guide to get through the game. This is probably coming from being stuck at Milky Village and not realising I had to talk to the guard, because his text when you step to go through the building and talk to him are different, and when he blocked me I assumed that was it and to progress further I had to beat the Sages. Fortunately I gave him a further crack .
    I see, I never took in consideration players wouldn't talk to him (especially because in Beta 2, you couldn't access Milky Village yet and therefore, you'd have to go talking to that guard sooner or later). Did you possibly talk to his wife in Milky Village before him? She tells you he has forgotten his Key at home once again if talked-to before the gate guard which somewhat explains you've to go to talk to that person.

    What I could do with this though would be making it so that by talking to his wife before him, she lets you take care of the Key and deliver it to her husband at the gate. I probably thought about this already when making the script but dropped the idea as it would be weird if she randomly trusts you and gives the Key away (because currently her husband calls her first that you're going to get the Key from her). I'll probably implement it in Beta 3.1.

    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    Another would be the Pokemon levels in routes, some were way to weak in regards to the Gym in the next town. For instance I think I was fighting the guy who had the level thirties, and then level forties in the second battle, yet the route next to him had a max level of 18, and an average of I think 12-14. And the Pokemon in the game were below level 10 for way to long during the journey.

    Also, have you thought of flipping the wild Pokemon system completely over? It's something I haven't seen done in terms of making Pokemon that are more common, rare, and having the rarer Pokemon more common. This would completely alter the normal feel and really mix up gameplay. For instance, having Pokemon like Magikarp very hard to find, yet Pokemon such as Heracross or even fossil Pokemon easy to find if you get what I mean. It would add a lot of diversity in certain areas.
    The levels of the pokemon that trainers use have been decreased a lot since Beta 3.0 release. I'm actually planning to have Beta 3.1 up really soon (maybe next week, I "promised" it to be up already but have been busy doing other stuff than hacking) which mostly drops down the levels that trainers use but adds also some additional stuff like bug fixes, some new battle sprites, ow sprites for Team Darkness goons etc.

    I don't think I'll do anything about the wild pokemon system now that I've edited wild pokemon for so many areas already. Editing wild pokemon is something I don't like doing because it isn't hacking at all and I wouldn't be making this hack if I didn't get the enjoyment out of figuring out how to do stuff. Besides, all (expect for one) pokemon will be available in the final release and I've pretty much planned where they will be found as well.

    Originally Posted by brane View Post
    But nonetheless, very enjoyable and difficult at times I look forward to playing the complete game. Great job.

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