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Peyton Mills - Kanto Enclave

“What's going on in here?”

Peyton wasn't paying much attention as a voice was heard. She looked up, startled, and alert. She looked around, left and right, to see where that voice came from. It was a Zangoose, approaching the group with a pistol in his hand. Peyton was about to pull her shock gun out, but she need answers first.

"Ah! Good day citizen! You have no need to fear! The Declarum Forces are here to protect the enclave! Now, is there anyone still inside?" Damon greeted and asked. "Sorry about that sir, but we've got work to do then." He told the Zangoose, and then he turned back to the group.

As Peyton listened to Damon, her shock gun remains in her right hand.

"Alright, everyone head in. We're going to make them pay for taking our enclave!" As Peyton cheered alonside the crowd, Damon points to a dark tunnel inside. The group, including Peyton followed. It was a bit dark for Peyton to see, but with help of her vision, she was able to see where others were going.

Then, suddenly, Peyton's alertness fell once again. The group made it to the main cavern but something wasn't right...Peyton couldn't even feel it.

"D.F.! Give them what they deserve!" shouted Damon.

“...deserve....what?” Peyton murmured.

Suddently, a mob of Knights swarmed around the Forces. Leaving Peyton scrambled, not prepared as she would have before. She startled, about to drop her leaf bag filled with medical supplies. As Damon threw sleeping pellets at the mobbing knights, Peyton takes out and loads her shock gun, and tries to maintain a perfect aim at one of the knights. There were so many, that Peyton doesn't know who to shoot first. “I'm not afraid of you, Knights.” she whispered, as struggles to decide who to shoot first.

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