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Welcome Jade! Okay onto the main point of discussion, the finale:

That was a fantastic twist with Amon and Tarlock, I didnt see it coming tbh and was very surprised by it. I also loved the back story on him and how he got so evil and angry. Following in Papa Bears footsteps like a good lil boy!

Also planes really? Thats just cheating.

End Game:

OHOHOHOH This was a good episode! It was good to see that Amon had make up on to help with his lies very clever that was.
Also Mako with his epic lightning to the face! That was awesome who knew he had so many skills.
I must say I did see Korra getting her powers back from Aang coming but it was still cool that all the avatars came and helped out, then she had the power to give bending back! Yay for her!

Also Mako and Korra forever <3 It was good to see them FINALLY end up together, though Asami will be sad 3

All in all a good season finale and I hope they have more than 1 season in the works and Im seriously looking forward to the next season!

In other news someone should weekly stream Avatar the Last airbending to fill the void between seasons and in the weeks before the new season starts we could marathon the first season of Korra!