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That was quite an episode, though I feel like a lot of things went by too fast, with a lack of explanation. The revelation that Amon wasn't at all who he claimed to be didn't really come as a shock to me, as all his babbling about being gifted with the power to take away people's bending was noooot quite believable, though yeah, that's just common sense. The fact that Tarrlok was his brother though came as a much bigger suprise, especially since Amon took away his bending. Also, when Tarrlok was telling Korra and Mako about his past, there was one thing I found pretty dumb. If Noatak was really the caring brother he was made out to be, why would he ever agree to bloodbend his brother against his will. Then afterwards he tells his father not to hurt him, while he just seconds beforehand had done exactly that to Tarrlok. Seems quite hypocritical to me.
Though the boat scene with Amon and Tarrlok near the end was quite sad, I think it it was a great decision on Tarrlok's side, since Amon had gotten quite out of control.

I have to agree with Nick on the things he didn't like, as I thoght the same thing at pretty much all of them. It would've made much more sense for Amon to burn himself, as he as the intelligent person he appeared to be, shouldnt've expected a positive outcome with a silly make-up trick like that. It pretty much ruined his all plan, though oh well. He did turn out to be a coward at the end anyways.

With Korra getting her bending back being the main goal for season 2, it would be quite like AtLA's first book, since the only kind of bending she would be able to use was airbending, which is something I'd have liked to see. But oh well, that would've been quite predictable though, so at least now we have something to look forward to, rather than already knowing what the next season would be about. Really looking forward to it.
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