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    Finished the Johto part, now I'm off to Kanto!

    Well, I don't want to tell a long story so, here's the summary:


    -Wiped the Radio Tower and the whole Johto region, as a result, clean of dirt and muck known as Team Rocket. No pics, sorry.
    -Went to Ice Path and Blackthorn City.
    -My, my. Seriously? Two white-faced idiots in a row, stalking me?
    -Anyway, wiped the floor of Blackthorn Gym sparkling clean with Rocky MkII's Ice Fang, Magneto Jr's Discharge and Spike's Solarbeam. Again, no pictures, sorry.
    -Well, there are really losers who can't accept their loss, so blah, blah, tackled the Dragon's Den and amazed the elders. Of course, I'm amazing.
    -Went to Whirl Islands, looted it and captured Lugia. Huh? I was supposed to knock him out for good, but I think, making that thing my servant isn't so bad.
    -Looted Dark Cave and captured my newest member. Hello, Angel Jr the Skarmory!
    -Went to Indigo Plateau, along the way knocking all trainers out of my way.
    -Grinded Angel Jr at Victory Road.
    -What? A Shiny Graveler? Capture!
    -Captured Shiny Graveler. Horaaay! Pity I won't be using it.

    -The ultimate loser came and lost! HAHAHAHA! :p
    -Grinded until I'm satisfied.
    -Challenged Elite Four and had done a massacre at the Pokemon League.


    -Well, Magneto Jr did almost all with his Discharge, with a little help from Angel Jr and Deadpool.


    -Hmmm..Angel Jr's Fly and Rocky MkII's Dig pawned them all.

    VS HULK:

    -Angel Jr dominated here with Fly. His Onix was pawned by Spike, when I felt that he's been out of action lately.


    -Deadpool's X-Scissor, well, is effective. Her Houndoom, much faster than my Rocky MkII, nearly killed him but I equipped him with Occa Berry so he endured the flames and killed her with Dig. Deadpool used a single Night Slash against Gengar. Also, Angel Jr lent his Fly to knock Vileplume.


    -Rocky MkII DOMINATED against his Dragonites with a single Rock Polish, few Screeches, and Ice Fangs. Magneto Jr helped by killing Gyarados and doing a Parafusion on Charizard. Equipped Rocky MkII with BrightPowder which made him evade all Dragonites' efforts on using Fire Blast and Blizzard. Done the same with Aerodactyl. And I thought that I will be tortured by his Dragonites. Haha. :D
    -Now I acknowledge the power of Occa Berries and the like and also BrightPowder. :D

    Team Baron (the Awesome! :D):

    Moveset: Ice Fang/Dig/Rock Polish/Screech

    Moveset: Leer/Iron Defense/Night Slash/ X-Scissor

    Moveset: Thunder Wave/Discharge/Supersonic/Mirror Shot

    Moveset: Agility/Steel Wing/Rock Smash/Fly

    Moveset: SolarBeam/Toxic Spikes/Explosion/Strength

    Still laughing to my heart's content at this picture:

    Off to Kanto we go!