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    Originally Posted by Olli97 View Post
    That was quite an episode, though I feel like a lot of things went by too fast, with a lack of explanation. The revelation that Amon wasn't at all who he claimed to be didn't really come as a shock to me, as all his babbling about being gifted with the power to take away people's bending was noooot quite believable, though yeah, that's just common sense. The fact that Tarrlok was his brother though came as a much bigger suprise, especially since Amon took away his bending. Also, when Tarrlok was telling Korra and Mako about his past, there was one thing I found pretty dumb. If Noatak was really the caring brother he was made out to be, why would he ever agree to bloodbend his brother against his will. Then afterwards he tells his father not to hurt him, while he just seconds beforehand had done exactly that to Tarrlok. Seems quite hypocritical to me.
    Maybe that was a power issue? Tarrlok was saying something along the lines that Noatak enjoyed the power in bloodbending, so he didn't mind practicing it on his brother, but he always took his brother's side over his father's. Plus he probably figured Tarrlok would bloodbend him too, so what did it matter if he practiced on him (even though that didn't really didn't match Tarrlok's personality)? That could explain his sudden change in thinking. Basically, he just wanted a chance to boss his father around since he knew then he was capable of bloodbending people. I wonder how Tarrlok would've turned out if he ran away with his brother?
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