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    Chapter 11: The Final Battle

    It was exactly seven days since the fall of Castle Koopa and Toad Town began celebrations for the Mushroom Kingdom's Independence Day. Oscar started a speech that morning and addressed the city's toads who were all in the gardens of Peach's castle.

    “Good morning everyone,” Oscar began from his balcony. “Today is the 400th anniversary of the founding of this beautiful kingdom and I would like every one of you to celebrate it. We no longer need to fear the tyrant Bowser or his army as an attack on their castle finished them for good so we are now safe,” Oscar said as the crowd cheered. Peach was standing beside Oscar and was the only one not cheering although she did her best to hide it. Whilst Oscar continued to talk, she walked back in the castle and into her own room and opened the drawers, which held Bowser's parcel, which she received from Parakarry a week ago.

    “I wonder who would send me a parcel and why do I have to wait till today?” Peach wondered. “Perhaps its just a present from Mario or someone.”

    Peach was about to open it when Mario walked in.

    “Hi Peach, happy independence day,” Mario said.

    “Thank you Mario,” Peach smiled.

    “Hey you got a present, who is it from?” Mario asked,

    “I don't know, it doesn't say who its from,” Peach said now realising Mario didn't send it.

    “Well your father wants you back out on the balcony to make a speech so whatever it is will have to wait,” Mario said. Peach nodded and put the parcel back in the drawers.

    “So if Mario didn't send it, who did?” Peach wondered.

    Meanwhile in Dark Land, Bowser was making his own speech. Everyone was back on land now after a week down underground.

    “Okay everyone, today is the day we finally make our comeback,” Bowser said. “We will strike at noon while everyone is busy partying.”

    “All the doomships have been prepared as you commanded, Dad,” Ludwig said.

    “Good, now I am going to read each of your unit numbers out and assign you each to a doomship. The koopalings will stay with me on one doomship,” Bowser said and began reading out the units and one by one, each unit consisting of four to seven troops on average went to their doomships until there was no-one left.

    “Good now before we leave, I need you all to check your doomships for fuel and arsenal,” Bowser said through an audio system connected to all the doomships while on his own. “We will begin our flight in just over an hour so we have plenty of time.”

    Meanwhile in Toad Town, Peach was celebrating with Mario.

    “Oh Mario, do you have the time?” Peach asked.

    “It's almost noon Peach, why do you ask?” Mario asked.

    “I was thinking of maybe opening that parcel. I'm quite curious as to what's inside,” Peach said.

    “Sure, you go up and open your present. I'll be waiting here,” Mario replied.

    Peach walked up to her room and saw Oscar.

    “Oh, hi dad,” Peach said.

    “Hello Peach, why aren't you down celebrating?” Oscar said.

    “Oh I just decided to have a little nap,” Peach lied. She knew that Oscar wouldn't approve of her getting presents and would likely confiscate it.

    “Okay, well I'll see you later when you're finished with your nap,” Oscar said and walked back into his room.

    “Bye dad,” Peach said and then walked into her room and locked the door. She took the parcel out of her drawers and opened it up to see a box. She opened it to see a tape recorder with a tape inside.

    “It's a tape. But who would send me a tape and why?” Peach wondered to herself. She pressed play on the tape and as she listened, her face turned to pure horror. Everything she knew or thought she knew about Mario and her own father came tumbling down.

    “No, it can't be true. My own father did this, and Mario too,” Peach said and nearly threw up. Peach quickly turned towards her bedroom door and her face turned back into anger. She was going to confront her dad and was going to make him pay.

    “Father, I need to speak to you,” Peach said calmly knocking Oscar's door.

    “Come in Peach,” Oscar said. Peach closed the door behind her and quickly got to talking.

    “It was you, wasn't it?” Peach said.

    “What was me?” Oscar asked confused.

    “You killed Bowser and his army,” Peach said.

    “What makes you think that?” Oscar asked.

    “This, that's what.” Peach shouted holding the tape recording up. Oscar had never seen Peach so angry before. Peach pressed play and Oscar just laughed afterwards.

    “So someone overheard my little conversation with Mario. Yeah it was me and I killed Francine also,” Oscar said. “And you know what, I'd do it again if I could. Those koopas deserved everything they got.”

    “How can you say that? They never deserved this. And I can't believe you can be so cool about it,” Peach cried.

    “You shouldn't worry about them anymore. Bowser and his kids were nothing but worthless criminals what deserved to die. Same applies to every one of his troops. I'm glad they're dead,” Oscar said.

    “You're not my father,” Peach cried. “Oh and Mario is dumped. You and him can go to hell as far as I'm concerned.”

    “HOW DARE YOU TALK TO ME LIKE THAT!” Oscar shouted.

    “I will talk to you how I want. Oh and guess what,” Peach said.

    “What?” Oscar asked.

    “Francine isn't the koopalings' real mother, I am,” Peach said.

    “YOU WHAT?” Oscar roared.

    While all this was going on, Bowser and his doomships had finally reached the outskirts of Toad Town and the troops descended onto the ground.

    “It's Bowser, he's alive and his troops are attacking,” one toad cried. All the toads started panicking and ran away.

    “That's it, seize them, seize them all,” Bowser said to his troops began chasing the toads. Shortly afterwards, a lot of the toads had been rounded up and quickly tied up by the troops. The remaining troops walked towards the north of Toad Town towards Peach's castle where most of the toads were celebrating. What happened next would shock every toad in the area much more than any of Bowser's attacks ever could.

    “YOU MONSTER!” Peach screamed as she pushed Oscar out of the window and Oscar came tumbling to the ground in front of the crowd of over three hundred toads stopping the celebrations instantly. Oscar began convulsing for a few seconds and then stopped moving. Oscar was dead and Peach was responsible. She sat down on Oscar's bed and broke down in tears. Toad walked in shortly afterwards.

    “Peach are you okay?” Toad asked.

    “Oh Toad, what have I done?” Peach sobbed as Toad looked out of the broken window and saw Oscar's body down below with many toads gathering round.

    “Oh my god, he's dead,” Toad said. “What happened?”

    Toad then sat down next to Peach who told him everything what happened. Bowser, his kids and the troops walked towards the castle and stopped when they saw the crowd all in a circle.

    “What's going on?” Bowser asked. The toads turned around and ran away when they saw Bowser. The troops were about to chase after the toads but stopped and looked in shock when they saw Oscar's dead body lying on the floor of the castle with shattered glass around him. Bowser looked up and realised what happened.

    “He was pushed,” Bowser said.

    “Bowser, we have successfully captured Mario and my men are holding him captive just west of here, we caught him trying to escape” a hammer brother said. This was Monty of Vibe Island's elite hammer brother unit.

    “Good work,” Bowser said. “What about Luigi?”

    “I haven't seen Luigi at all and don't know where he is,” Monty replied.

    “Well I have no interest in Luigi right now, you keep Mario prisoner for now, I have something else I want to do right now so he is your responsibility now,” Bowser said.

    “Yes Bowser, I'll take Mario to Vibe Island and keep him locked up,” Monty said before leaving.

    “Troops, go and locate any runaway toads, tie them up and keep them prisoner,” Bowser said. “I am going to have a talk with Peach.” The troops then left as Bowser walked into the castle. Peach was now in her own room as Toad had now left. She was still crying and stopped when she heard a familiar voice.

    “Hello Peach,” Bowser said. Peach stopped crying and looked up.

    “Bowser, you're alive. But how?” Peach asked.

    “We're all alive. Me, the kids and my troops had been hiding underground. I came here to get my revenge but it appears you beat me to it,” Bowser said.

    “My so-called father was behind the attacks and your wife's death the whole time and I also found out that Mario had a part in it too,” Peach said.

    “I know. Just to let you know, Mario was captured by some of my troops. A group of hammer brothers are taking him to my villa in Vibe Island,” Bowser said.

    “Mario can rot in hell for all I care,” Peach said.

    “What about Luigi?” Bowser asked.

    “Luigi found out something about Mario and ran away. I don't know what it was about though,” Peach said. “You think he ran away because he found out about Mario's part in your attempted murder and your wife's death.”

    “That's a strong possibility,” Bowser said.

    “Oh Bowser, I'm just so happy to see you again,” Peach said as she gave him a hug.

    “Its nice to see you too,” Bowser said.

    “Bowser?” Peach asked.

    “Yes Peach?” Bowser asked.

    “There's something I want to ask you,” Peach said.

    “What's that?” Bowser asked.

    “Well I was wondering.., will you marry me?” Peach asked.

    Bowser was surprised at this as he wasn't expecting Peach to ask but he was more than happy to respond.

    “Of course I will,” Bowser said and bent down to kiss Peach on the cheek.

    “I love you, Bowser,” Peach said.

    “I love you too Peach,” Bowser said.
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