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    Originally Posted by pkmn.master View Post
    Love your statement on theft. People could learn that it comes with risks, STDs. Indeed it is awful. Just remember that the people who take things usually don't ever finish their games anyway, because it shows how lazy they are if they can't do anything on their own. The hypercam watermark can be avoided if you just increase the size of the recording window so that the watermark records above it and not on the game window. I haven't heard of Jing yet, however it appears that you can only record up to five minutes... You just can't get a good recording software anymore these days. The best I have ever used would be Eatcam, but sadly it doesn't work properly with Vista and 7 users, so when I left XP I had to use Hypercam. I just bank on using screen shots though. RMXP needs a recording script added. Maybe something in the future version of essentials.
    Yeah I know that's the case, that the game won't be completed if they are lazy anyway... I have used Jing before and yes, it is pretty... Crap... I thought there was a recorder built in, but I'm sure I didn't know how to use it, so I didn't bother... Or something like that.

    Originally Posted by SuperTreaz View Post
    I saw "friends and foes". Maybe, incase the player decides to be friends with EVERYONE, some NPCs can hate other ones so you will still have some foes.
    I have a way to do this, it seems a little, odd, how it works, but I will sort this out more when alot more things are sorted... Basically, the better the friend, the better they help, tbhat's not to say the "lesser" friend cannot help... Foes have the same purpose, but in a different way.