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This was one feature I loved in the originals and was glad to see them make a return in HG/SS. That being said, surprisingly I didn't visit Kurt very often for his custom made balls (get your mind out of the gutter, people!). Usually, I'd leave him a supply of my highest carried Apricorns, but I wouldn't come back for them until days later or until I remembered to go back and pick them up. Then, after picking those up I'd repeat the process and leave him some more but wouldn't come back for them until some time later.

I guess as a kid I had more patience to come back to Azalea Town every time compared to now where it's just a lot more convenient to go into a store and buy some Great Balls or Ultra Balls. Then there's the addition of the other specially made Pokéballs like the Quick Ball, Net Ball, and so on.

Design-wise, I've always loved the look of Kurt's Heavy Balls (omg, make it stop!) and the Lure Balls. Those two were always my favorite of the bunch. As for which was the most useful, then it'd be the Lure Ball when I used them the most while fishing.