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Info: Ever since I was a little 8 year old, I've always been obsessed with Zelda, everything about it made me want to make my own game like it.
The one series that intrested me was the Oracle/Awakening Series.
The one for the Game Boy Colour. It was, to me, the best I've played, it did so much for such a early console.
Since playing them, I thought this would be the games i'd try base my own game on.
As I grew older I learned of the Rom hacking community and Lin91's ZOLE (Zelda Oracle Level Editor), but over time, I realized rom hacking wasn't me. After researching Game development, there weren't many Oracle based games or engines, any that there was, were discontinued or private resourced.

So, I decided to make my own, So I give to Pokécommunity.

Zelda Oracles Engine!!

Blue = DoneOrange = DoingTo be Done
  • Oracle styled Movement and Actions
  • Sword
  • Rupee System
  • Heart system
  • Pause Menu/ Item Menu
  • HUD Bar
  • Heart Pieces, Heart Containers and Extra Hearts
  • Insert a Oracle of Seasons Tilesets

  • Power Bracelet
  • Dungeons
  • Towns
  • Multi Room transport
  • Enemies
  • Bosses
  • Shovel
  • Insert a full Oracle of Ages + Link's Awakening Tileset

  • NPCs
  • Oracle Styled Shop
  • Dungeon 'Treasures'
  • Save System
  • Dungeon Bosses
  • Dungeon Traps
  • Bombs & Bomb Bag
  • Intro
  • Credits

Screenshots: (new to old)

How Tilesets are done: In the tiles section of the 'Room' you'll find various backgorunds with places from the officail games, like Holodrums world map. To save me making a whole tileset I've made it so you can just take the tiles from the Map to your Game. Each map is about 10 blocks wide by 8 blocks height.

Nintendo: Zelda
Capcom: Oracle Series
Spriters-resource: Various sprite resources.

I've not made enough progress for my to think of releasing anything yet.
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