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Originally Posted by ~Harmony View Post
Maybe that was a power issue? Tarrlok was saying something along the lines that Noatak enjoyed the power in bloodbending, so he didn't mind practicing it on his brother, but he always took his brother's side over his father's. Plus he probably figured Tarrlok would bloodbend him too, so what did it matter if he practiced on him (even though that didn't really didn't match Tarrlok's personality)? That could explain his sudden change in thinking. Basically, he just wanted a chance to boss his father around since he knew then he was capable of bloodbending people. I wonder how Tarrlok would've turned out if he ran away with his brother?
Well, I just think it's generally contradictory for him to be shown to care about his brother so much, yet still be willing to do something he know will be of great discomfort for him. He should also know from his brother's personality, and from the fact that Tarrlok was unwilling to take part in the bloodbending lessons, that he wasn't gonna use bloodbending on him either, so yeah. I just don't think it really fits together.

If Tarrlok went with Noatak at the time, I think he'd change to share his brother's view on the whole thing. I mean, Tarrlok did look up to his brother at that time, and since it appears to be around there Noatak formed the idea that bending was a dangerous power for anyone to possess, I think it'd be easy for him to convince Tarrlok that that was how it was, and make him help with getting rid of the bending powers. Tarrlok would probably just become an Amon 2.0 or something, but whether that would've made any impact is hard to say.

Either way, unless that was a case of just not thinking everything out thoroughly, this could go back to my theory about how Amon's ability to take away people's bending would only apply for the people who got their bending taken away, and if that was the case then his plan would've failed anyways.
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