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Black Restart Day 2

Ok so I battled all the trainers on Route 3. Then as I was getting ready to leave the first have of the route Cheren comes up and battles me. I easly won with my team. After I battle him two Plasmas ran up and pretty much pushed us out of the way. The Bianca and a little girl came up to us and me and Cheren agreed to go rescue the little girl's pokemon. After that we ran after them and faced them in the cave. We had a 1 on 1 and then a 2 on 2 and we won. After that Cheren left and I stepped outside and camped down for the night.

Current team:
Treecko Lv 11
Rufflet Lv 11
Growlithe Lv 12
Oshawott Lv 12
Riolu Lv 10