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    Wow, that show was too amazing. I need the second book to be released now. ;(

    Wow. That finale was so amazing. So many highlights yet weird things going on.

    As someone pointed out, Korra seems to have controlled the Avatar state. I was like "o_o Aang has to unlock chakras and sacrifice his spiritual needs while Korra has to cry for 5 seconds? I don't think so -__-"

    Furthermore, I've noticed that her airbending strikes are just like her firebending strikes. I was so surpised. Her airbending is theresult of the lack of anything to bend. I found that irrational and odd. Honestly, there was no better time for her to learn airbending, but the way she performed it seemed poorly edited in.

    As much as Korra is awesome, I don't think it is right for her to harness these powers so quickly. This series was a bit rushed if I may say.
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