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Originally Posted by Southueki View Post
I have so many questions eeek!!

I hope someone sees them meanwhile >.>

Here goes:

1. Where is the "Epic" battle?

2. Where is the Trick Master?

3. Where is the Move Tutor? (that teaches you old moves you've learnt!)

4. Besides through HyperEgg, could I even get explosion?

I think that's it so far. I really need these tho
Heya.. relax buddy..people see 'em ..I can answer some questions
1. I dont know what "epic battle" perhaps I forgot.. there are several battles that qualifies under "epic" .. you could mean the final showdown in soothopolis?
2.As of trick master.. all i remember is seeing him in a small house in a route above Littleroot town. The first encounter ..i forgot, maybe in soothopolis
3.In Lilycove! Look for a dude that looks like GLEIS (purple hair).. he's in a house in the southwest with his "pokemon"; MAGENPIES who happens to be a HUMAN (lol) ..bring him a blue rock and he'll teach your pokemon. As of blue rock i dont't know where to harvest them. You can find one in LIlycove on a pillar which ships are tied to i think.. first head down to the beach area and find the pillar thing.. click on it.
4. Some other pokemon have it too.. wheezing, claydoll, golem/graveler included
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