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    Question, you began with your rival having a Pidgey and Riolu, but ending with:

    Meganium, Level 60
    Typhlosion, Level 62
    Feraligatr, Level 64
    Crobat, Level 66
    Miltank, Level 60
    Tyranitar, Level 62

    What happened to Pidgey and Riolu?

    I like the new HM ideas, I didn't even think of using original moves as "HM" style moves, I think... Oh at writing that, I wanted to correct myself in saying, I did, but not the same moves... Question though, can you code them in to do exactly what you want?

    The Gem thing is a little odd, What are gems? Other than badge replacements, or is it a side quest?! Either way, are they mandetory? Because all they do is allow Pokémon to fly and purify a lake, is this neccessary or can you avoid it? If we can avoid it, surely just grab the 2 gems and use Pidgey to fly, easy enough, I've actually completed many Pokémon games with just 4 or 5 Pokémon... The 6th being an HM slave, useless.

    I'm assuming that you have little knowledge to script, map, event, use english and sprite! Because this sounds a lot like most projects that get started here and don't get very far because the owner states:

    "I NEED HELP, PLEASE IF ANYONE CAN SCRIPT, I would like this very much as I have no idea about ruby.

    Other positions needed are:

    Spriter for my fakemon, new characters, hero, rival, gym leaders.
    Map editor (because I'm working on my own and more people would make this project progress faster).
    and blah

    If this is the case, I would think of a smaller project to work on, it's hard enough to find anyone that will help out, that has high abilities, on a project that is a new beginning... Another thing, how will you or how have you, managed to work the new HM's, I had a problem with mine, although they work now, but it took me a while, I'd like to know how you will do it?

    5 Regions, interesting, you know, I've been on and off on my project since about 5 years ago, but only recently-ish, got back to doing it properly, and I still only have 1 region (although I have mapped out 4 other regions, just haven't evented on them yet)... Do you believe this project to make it 5 regions?

    Cynthia has almost all level 100's, wow, this is alot of grinding, I hope your wild Pokémon accompany this, Because when I get one level 100, I give up on the rest, because it gets boring, and I hate to lose my level 100 early in the battle.

    On a final note, music-ing, isn't a real word haha, I like it though.
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