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Right guys, you've been warned. I am not going to allow this thread, or this section be a grounds for disrespectful comments and ill treatment of other members. This is a community. Remember that. So Johnny, and anyone else getting involved in personal gripes on the basis of their opinions on this game can take it elsewhere, because it's not going to fly any longer in my section. Now I don't like handing out infractions, I prefer to appeal to people's understanding without handing out red cards, but I will have to start infracting people if you continue to go off-topic in threads. Worse than that, I don't want to have to infract you for disrespect to members. There's a reason why you should not talk about release dates if they have not been announced. Read here for more.

Now, because I feel as if this thread is really just being a grounds for negative attention I'm going to close it. If PokemonOI wishes to have it re-opened I will be happy to open it for them. However, given that there has not been updates in some time, I will want some evidence that this game is still being worked on. With that, I will close this. I never want to see this kind of behaviour around this section again. Keep it friendly guys, support developers, don't criticize them. It's hard work making a game, believe me.

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