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Originally Posted by AlexOzzyCake View Post

So what Poison types are people planning to use in their next play-throughs? I'm doing a Nuzlocke on Pearl at the moment so I can't really plan to use any, but I certainly hope I come across some! I'd like to hopefully catch a Grimer, a Wheezing, a Stunky and a Gulpin, but A) I'm not sure where these Pokémon actually are and B) I don't get to choose them in Nuzlocke. xD So yeah that's kinda annoying, but I really want to use some soon!

Plus I wish there were more Poison types... There really aren't all that many; do you guys think there should be more? :3
Weezing is one for Ruby version and I can never go a playthrough of HG without Victreebel, when it learns Leaf Blade you just can't beat it. I usually go for Stunky in Diamond but maybe next time I won't just for variety...
Actually poison type is one of the most common with gen 1 having almost 1/4 of them poison, it's just every since gen 1 they've been less and less. I'd agree about needing more pure poison types though. Off the top of my head there's on Arbok, Muk, Weezing, Nidorans (but they grow out of it), Serviper, Swalot and Garbodor.
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