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    Originally Posted by Curious. View Post
    interesting title eh?

    I employed the use of several types of custom Pokeballs myself, I especially focussed on making Kurt craft Fast Balls for me, so that I'd be able to use them on the roaming dogs/cats. (Entei, Suicune and Raikou.) I also took advantage of the net ball as well as the..heavy ball I think it was called, to catch Snorlax in Kanto and a variety of water pokemon throughout both regions.
    Lol, I used the heavy balls on Snorlax too. Also tried to use a couple on Lugia, but that didn't go so well.... Dusk balls worked better.
    Originally Posted by pokemonpal7 View Post
    I low your title XD.

    I did use those balls occasionally, and I tried to use the Level (?) Ball to catch Ho-Oh, without realising it only worked if you were higher than the opponent. I was being stupid, trying to use a L1 Togepi to do it
    Yeah, did this same thing. With Togepi and all. I had planned on evolving it into Togekiss, but it never happened and it just sat in my PC. Then i took it out, thinking that this would work... The best part is that I used all my revives trying to keep Togepi in the match. >_<

    I thought that the friend balls were stupid, just because of the fact that they were pretty much the exact same as Luxury Balls...Moon balls just dont work because there are like 2/200 Pokemon that evolved from Moon Stones in that game...
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